About Letters of Credit

BOQ can provide an conditional guarantee on behalf of an importer to pay your exporter’s bank, providing all the terms and conditions of the letter of credit are met.

The letter of credit provides you with the confidence that all the required documentation will be delivered against payment or commitment to pay. Equally, it provides the exporter with confidence that if all the documentation is provided, they will be paid.

Remember, the import documentary letter of credit only relates to documents. It is not a guarantee that the goods will be as you expect.

Features and benefits

Man importing goods

Overseas goods

Available for customers who are importing goods from overseas

Convert currency board


Available in most currencies including AUD

Man looking into international trade

International trade

Used as a mechanism for providing the importer and exporter with more certainty around international trade transactions, for example that transactions subscribe to UCP 600 (International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Customs for Documentary Letters of Credit)

Office meeting on internation trade

International Trade Enabler

Established with the bank using our online International Trade Enabler system

Important information

For important information on Import Documentary Letters of Credit, view our Terms and Conditions below.

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