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Simon Davis

Head of Corporate & Property - Queensland

Simon has over 25 years’ banking experience across all aspects of the commercial, corporate, property and agribusiness sectors. Supporting his Corporate and Property Bankers, Simon’s experience enables him to provide banking direction for the team in larger scale and corporate operations.

0481 438 212

Sonya Powe

Senior Corporate Relationship Executive - Queensland

Sonya has worked in banking for over 20 years in both Australia and the UK. She has experience across all sectors, specialising in diversified portfolios of corporate clients. Sonya has a deep understanding of business and her key focus is to support her clients in growing and expanding their businesses to achieve their goals.

0427 645 931

Richard Cleaver

Corporate Relationship Executive - Queensland

Richard has worked in banking and finance for 20 years, with 10 of those being at BOQ. In that time he has assisted both SME customers and larger corporate connections across various industries and has a strong understanding of the opportunities and complexities that comes with the varying scale of business.

0407 893 350 

Anne McGregor

Head of Diversified – New South Wales

Anne has worked in banking for close to 20 years. With a specialised understanding and focus on niche markets, Anne’s experience allows her to lead teams who provide financial solutions to mid-market businesses and corporate clients in property, health, hospitality and education industries.

0439 583 432

Ryan King

Relationship Manager – New South Wales

Ryan has worked with BOQ for over 14 years. He keeps a constant line of communication open with his clients to ensure he is across the complexities of deals and projects and will often work in partnership with colleagues across the BOQ Group to ensure the best possible outcome for his clients.

0424 707 655

Daniela Kariotakis

Senior Corporate Relationship Executive – New South Wales

Daniela specialises in property finance and manages a portfolio of clients that include corporate, high wealth and institutional clients. For over 20 years, Daniela has worked closely with hotel and construction industries, providing finance and investment solutions and ongoing support where necessary.

0414 566 715

Martin Kearney

Corporate Relationship Executive - Victoria

Martin has been in the Finance Industry for over 30 years and has a vast amount of experience across a number of different sectors. Martin’s role is to work with clients to understand their requirements and bring in key resources to ensure transactions happen.

0417 868 806

James Adamowicz

Corporate Property Relationship Manager - Victoria

James is a property finance professional providing products and services to property developer and investor clients. He has close to 10 years experience in property and finance having previously worked for a major bank as well as a large Australian property developer in their debt capital team.

0429 643 106

Barry Biggin

Corporate Relationship Executive - Victoria

Barry has been assisting clients in the corporate and commercial markets to achieve their growth ambitions for over 25 years. In this time he has held a number of industry specialist roles and recently, has focused on partnering with clients in the health and retirement sector.

0428 863 735

Yasmin Siely

Head of Syndicated Lending – National

Yasmin has 15 years’ experience in senior roles in corporate and institutional banking, specialising in corporate diversified, leverage finance and larger corporate health transactions. Continually learning, Yasmin recently completed the Juris Doctor, post-graduate law degree, at the University of Technology, Sydney.

0417 997 117

Darragh O'Riordan

Business Development Manager - National

Darragh has been working in business banking in Australia and internationally for over 20 years. Darragh's experience and passion for business development, couple with a strong focus on customer relationships, ensures financial solutions are tailored to match his client’s needs.

0409 945 247

Syed Ali

Senior Corporate Relationship Executive – New South Wales

Syed has worked locally and internationally in banking for over 15 years across diversified corporate sectors that include hospitality, health, property and leveraged financing. Central to this is Syed’s speciality in relationship management that ensures his clients achieve their business goals.

0458 026 313

It’s a very big business and very intense for a short period of time. The team at Bank of QLD had an open mind and were inspired and very keen to better understand our business and try and get the job done"
Lorenz Grollo CEO of the Grollo Group, Mt Buller

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