Helping you stay safe and secure online

Cyber Security and Scams

Government agencies such as the Australian Cyber Security Centre are receiving a high number of reports of COVID-19 related scams targeting the public. It remains BOQ’s priority to ensure we help you stay safe and secure online. 

COVID-19 scam techniques seen to date include:

  • Fake text messages and emails that direct individuals to click on fraudulent links or to provide personal and sensitive data
  • Products sold as supposed vaccines
  • Illegitimate charities requesting donations
  • Phone calls impersonating government authorities and leading health organisations
  • Investment opportunities arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We recommend you take your time and think before you click. If in doubt, we encourage you to validate the authenticity of a message by checking with the sender via another channel (e.g. phone call to a number listed on their corporate website).  

If you have given out sensitive data such as your banking password, change your password and contact us immediately.