• What is Rapport?

    IBM Trusteer Rapport is a piece of software that operates like an anti-virus, but specifically focuses on Financial Malware.  It can clean a device of malware already presented, helps to prevent any future infections and will help protect you whilst you are logged onto your Internet Banking site.

  • What is Financial Malware?

    Financial Malware describes specialised malware which has been built to scan a computer or an entire network, to gain information associated with financial transactions.

    Financial Malware is employed by hackers to commit banking fraud cybercrimes and can include computer viruses, worms, spyware and/or other unwanted software.

  • Why is Financial Malware a threat to my online security?

    Malware can monitor your keystrokes, steal files and emails, and gather confidential data such as intellectual property, documents and passwords.  It can also change what you see in a web browser to trick you into providing your personal or financial information.

    If your information is captured by a malware virus, it could use the information to perform fraudulent transactions on your accounts, resulting in loss of privacy, exploitation and theft. 

  • How does Malware infect my PC?

    Malware is commonly distributed via email and/or infected websites.  In many cases, customers may unknowingly install malware when they download software, view emails and attachments or visit infected web pages.

  • How do I check if I have Malware on my PC?

    You should regularly run a scan on your PC using reputable anti-virus security software, designed to detect malware infections.  

    To help maintain your online protection, BOQs security tools incorporates a system check and virus scan, designed to evaluate and help increase your online protection.  We also offer an award winning, all-in-one software package, free of charge to protect your PC against online theft, keeping your identity secure and safeguarding against Internet Fraud.

  • What happens if I don't want to install Rapport?

    Rapport is an alternative free option for our customers.  Should the decision be made not to install Rapport, in order to access your online banking account, there would be a requirement to either replace your PC or have an independent operator ‘clean’ your PC at a cost to you. BOQ will require evidence that the device has been professionally cleaned. Please refer to BOQ’s Terms and Conditions webpage and locate the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions for more information  here 

  • Where can I learn more about Trusteer Rapport?

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