About BOQ ATMs

BOQ customers have fee-free access to over 2,100 atmx by Armaguard ATMs, our preferred ATM network, as well as all BOQ Branch ATMs and some other Australian banks' ATMs.

*Other fees (including other bank ATM and International Transaction fees) and charges may be payable. Please view the Fees and Charges Guide for more details.

Features and benefits

Deposit options

Real time cash and cheque deposits

With BOQ ATMs you can deposit your cash and cheques envelope free, whenever you like. No waiting in queues or for the bank to open to deposit your funds.

Card security

Better card reader security

Our ATMs have a secure card reader to protect your personal and financial information. 

Reliable ATM's

Improved usability and reliability

Our ATMs have been designed with your convenience in mind. With easy to follow touch screens and fast transaction times, you'll get your money faster than ever.

Locate an ATM via SMS

To locate a BOQ ATM

SMS your suburb name and state (e.g. Paddington NSW) or your four digit postcode to 0488 438 286 (0488 GET ATM).

You will receive a text message in reply detailing the location of up to four BOQ ATMs, based on the centre of the suburb, or the primary suburb within the postcode.

In addition to this SMS service you can also locate an ATM here.

ATM Tips for Depositing Funds

Preparing deposits

Remove envelopes and objects such as paper clips, pins and coins. If depositing cash and cheques, deposit your cash first, followed by cheques.

Deposits can only be made into Savings and Cheque accounts.

Cash Deposits

BOQ ATMs will only accept a maximum of 40 Australian bank notes per transaction.

Cash deposits will be available immediately as cleared funds.

Cheque Deposits

BOQ ATMs will only accept a maximum of 30 cheques per transaction with an Australian Dollar deposit amount.

Cheque deposits will be reflected in your current balance immediately however the cheques will be subject to a clearance timeframe and will not be immediately available as cleared funds.

*A full list of fees can be found in our Fees and Charges guide here