Quick repayment options

With so many payment options, staying on top of your credit card couldn't be easier.

automatic payments

Direct Debit (Easi-Pay)

Set up automatic credit card payments from any bank account with direct debit.

Online banking

Internet Banking

Simply transfer funds from your bank account onto your credit card. Learn about online banking.


Flexible instalment plans

Make your repayments in monthly instalments at a fixed rate over a set term.


By mail

Post your cheque and payment details to:

Bank of Queensland
GPO Box 749F
Melbourne, VIC,  8105



Use the BPAY Biller Code and Reference found on your statement.

Visit your local branch

In person

Our instalment plans 

With BOQ instalment plans, you can break your payments into manageable monthly instalments over a set term of 1-5 years.**


Break your credit card payments into monthly instalments

Ideal for large and seasonal purchases, this lets you convert credit card purchases on your current statement balance into a single Instalment Plan, at a personalised fixed rate.

instalment options

Convert eligible retail purchases into an Instalment Plan

From home essentials to luxury goods and wellbeing packages, our instalment plans give you the chance to break up your larger eligible purchases on your credit card, into smaller payments at a personalised fixed rate over a set term.

Available cash

Access cash from your credit card

For big or unplanned expenses, access $500 or more within your available credit limit at a fixed rate and pay it down over a set term.


Easier to budget

Having a consistent repayment amount of your Instalment Plan will help you work out your budget.


More than one Instalment Plan

You can have multiple Instalment Plans on one credit card as long as each request is within your available credit limit.

Interest free

Keep your interest free days^

You can still enjoy interest free days on your other purchases made outside the Instalment Plan as long as you continue to pay off your closing balance for the purchases in full each month.

About Easi-Pay

This handy facility simply draws a selected amount from your nominated transaction account. You can choose to pay:

  • Your full statement balance or
  • The minimum monthly repayment.

Features of Easi-Pay

  • No establishment fees
  • No monthly transfer fees
  • No minimum or maximum transfer amount
  • Option to nominate a non-BOQ transaction account
  • Easy management of your credit card repayments when travelling

Set up Easi-Pay

Easi-Pay can be set up by either visiting your nearest branch or completing and returning the form below.

Please note: it can take up to 3 business days for your Easi-pay payment to be cleared from the bank account you have nominated to be debited. Until the payment is cleared, these funds will not be available for use. 


  • What is a ‘regular payment arrangement’?

    Regular payment arrangements can be either a recurring payment or an instalment payment. A regular payment arrangement is an agreement between you (the cardholder) and a merchant in which you authorise the merchant to bill your credit card account at regular intervals (e.g. monthly or quarterly) or at intervals as agreed by you. The amount may differ or be the same for each transaction.

    An Instalment Payment represents an agreement between you (the credit cardholder) and a merchant in which you preauthorise the merchant to bill your credit card account with a fixed amount at predetermined intervals for a predetermined time.


    Recurring Transaction: You may ask your local gymnasium to charge your monthly gym membership fee to your credit card each month.

    Instalment Payment: You may have purchased a new television from your local appliance store and are being billed by the merchant for a fixed amount in multiple periods until a defined date.

  • What are the benefits of regular payment arrangements?

    There are many benefits for Credit Card holders who set up regular payments including:

    • Timely payments to the merchant
    • Saves you time as the payment is processed automatically
    • No need to send cheques or worry about postage delays
  • How do I cancel a regular payment arrangement?

    At Bank of Queensland, there are a few ways to cancel your Regular Payment Arrangement on your Credit Card:

    • Contact the merchant to initiate a cancellation
    • Call BOQ Customer Connect (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) on 1300 55 72 72 and select option 1 for Credit Cards where a team member will be able to guide you over the phone
    • Visit your nearest BOQ branch

    The request for cancellation will be processed by NAB, the credit provider for BOQ’s Credit Cards. Requests are processed promptly, however may not take immediate effect if the third party (eg, gym membership) has already submitted their payment file for processing. For added assurance, it is always good to touch base with the third party provider to ensure your payment arrangement is showing as cancelled within their system.

  • What if my credit card number and/or expiry date changes?

    If you have provided a merchant with your credit card number for a Regular Payment Arrangement and your credit card number and/or expiry date changes, then you must always contact the merchant to advise them of the new credit card/expiry details. Failure to advise the merchant of these changes could result in the cancellation of goods and/or services (eg, the cancellation of your car insurance policy).

  • How are payments allocated if you have additional cardholders?

    When you make a payment to your account using the Reference Number shown on your statement (which is also your Account Number), the available limit is updated for you as the primary cardholder, as soon as the payment is processed.

    For purchases made by additional cardholders, their available limit will be updated when your next statement is issued. If you need to make credit available to them earlier, you can make a payment to your account using the additional cardholder’s card number as the Reference Number.

  • More Payment Options FAQs

    A full list of frequently asked questions about payment options is available by visiting our help & support page.