Franchising at BOQ is a big step, but we'll walk you through every step of the way. Find out the answers to your questions about becoming a franchisee at BOQ below. For more on franchising at BOQ, visit our franchise opportunities page. 

What are BOQ franchisees responsible for?

Like any independent business owner you will be responsible for employing and managing your own staff and all other operating costs associated with running a business. It is the franchisee's responsibility to operate their Branch according to the Bank's policies and procedures. More information about your responsibilities will be provided throughout the recruitment process.

What is BOQ responsible for?

BOQ is responsible for overall brand, policy, product, and operations. More information about BOQ's responsibilities will be provided throughout the recruitment process.

Can I have a business partner?

Yes. However, it is a requirement that each business partner be fully accredited by BOQ. The majority shareholder of the business needs to meet our franchisee criteria.

Do I have to have previous experience in running my own business?

To become a BOQ franchisee, you will need the have knowledge, skills and experiences of our franchisee criteria. In addition, experience in running your own business would be beneficial.

Do I have to work in the branch?

Yes BOQ's model is all about building relationships with our customers, so we encourage our franchisees to be the "face" of their branch and develop and maintain the relationship with their customers and their local community.

Can I buy multiple branches?

From time to time BOQ will consider multiple branch ownership.