BOQ Thanks Community for Their Support

Wednesday, 23/01/2008 

The return of face-to-face branch banking to Wollongong was announced last night when the Lord Mayor Alex Darling officially opened the area’s first owner-managed bank branch. 

More than 50 customers and bank staff turned out to see the new Bank of Queensland branch officially opened with the help of BOQ NSW State Manager Stuart Edwards and Wollongong Owner-Manager Steve Yildiz. 

Stuart Edwards said BOQ Wollongong had been attracting plenty of local interest. 

“Like many of our 87 non-Queensland branches, the branch here in Wollongong has initially caused a lot of passers-by to wonder what a Queensland bank is doing so far south of the border,” Mr Edwards said. 

“But when they find out the branch is locally owned, is staffed and managed by local people and offers personalised, face-to-face service to each and every customer, they understand why a Bank that has operated in Queensland for 133 years can take on the big banks and win. 

“Owner-Manager Steve Yildiz is a highly qualified banker with nearly two decades of experience in the industry and who cares about his customers and making sure their needs are met.” 

Mr Yildiz said the reason his branch had enjoyed such support in the short time it had been open was that the big banks in the area had simply driven their customers away with off-hand service and lengthening queues. 

“A lot of our new customers come to us because they are looking for good service; things like being greeted personally, having staff look at them and listen when they talk, and being served promptly and professionally,” he said. 

“But we’re not just about service. Bank of Queensland’s product range is extremely competitive and offers a range of clever alternatives for business and personal customers.” 

Mr Yildiz is assisted at the new branch by his wife Leanne as well as Steve Biermann, Business Development Manager and two Customer Service Officers, Shane Bunting and Kathy Hackshall. 

“Our friendly tellers are “Customer Service Officers” in the true sense of the word,” Mr Yildiz said. 

“And being the Owner-Manager I am available whenever my customers need me. That’s why I give them my direct telephone line and mobile telephone number. 

“The staff know what customers are looking for - real personalised service. That is what we do best.” 

The new Bank of Queensland branch is located at 261 Crown Street, Wollongong and can be contacted directly on 02 4251 2477.