BOQ Nambour Raises Funds for Families

Friday, 01/02/2008

Bank of Queensland Nambour has raised over $7,000 for the Lions Club’s Better Start program which provides vital assistance to disadvantaged and at-risk families. 

BOQ Nambour Owner-Manager Gina Van Wesel said the branch had thrown themselves into a variety of fund-raising activities throughout February and March, culminating in a charity business lunch. 

The Branch even chipped in from its own “pocket”, donating $150 for every new home loan and $20 for every new credit card.  The $3,500 raised by the Branch was matched by the Bank’s Dollar Matching program, bringing the total to more than $7,000. 

“We know that there are families in and around our area who need our help so we’re very pleased we’ve been able to raise these valuable funds for Lions to continue their work,” Gina said. 

“The Better Start program is important because it helps ensure that the children of disadvantaged families don’t end up in the same boat and that the cycle of  poverty, dependency on welfare and exclusion from mainstream society is not perpetuated. 

“It’s a very pragmatic charity that’s not pie-in-the-sky but offers genuine practical assistance for people in need.” 

The Lions person said they relied on the generosity of local businesses like Bank of Queensland to be able to conduct their work. 

“Better Start” is an early intervention and prevention project that offers life-saving assistance to low-income, disadvantaged families whose stability and security are at risk. 

Bank of Queensland supports a range of non-profit groups who provide support and development opportunities to young people. 

About Better Start 

Better Start provides personalised, long-term support within each family.  It is designed to promote skills in all areas of family functioning – social, parenting and living skills, health and wellbeing, childhood development and growth, housing stability and self-image – taking into account factors impinging on it.  The program addresses neglect and abuse (which are sometimes not obvious to the parent/s) and encourages nurturing competencies.  Growth and empowerment are achieved by strengthening relationships, fostering family wellbeing and esteem, developing competencies and skills, increasing access to appropriate resources, encouraging resourcefulness and enlisting external support were required.