Which Bank is Already Different?

Friday, 08/02/2008

Bank of Queensland will this weekend launch a cheeky attack on the Commonwealth Bank’s new advertising campaign that claims the bank is “determined to be different”. 

BOQ is running press ads in Sydney and Brisbane with the challenge “Which bank is already different?” 

CBA’s new tagline is similar to that of Bank of Queensland’s “Bank Different”, which has been in the market for a number of years. 

“We were surprised to see CBA using a very similar line, especially after the big song and dance about going to the US to get fresh, new advertising ideas,” said BOQ’s Group Executive, People and Corporate Services, Dan Musson. 

“We will be using some quirky images and headlines to make our point; we are opening new branches right across the country, and offering customers shorter queues and staff who don’t take them for granted.  

“Our customers agree that we are ‘different’, and they’re voting with their feet. 

“So that’s what we’re telling people; we’re not determined, we’re just different.” 

The regional bank has expanded rapidly in the past three years through its unique Owner-Managed Branch Model and now has more than 250 branches right across Australia, with branches in every state and territory.