BOQ Announces Market-leading Mobile Banking Solution

Friday, 08/02/2008

Bank of Queensland today announced that it will launch a market-leading mobile banking solution for customers in the first half of this year. 

Group Executive People and Corporate Services, Dan Musson, said the Bank’s new mobile solution would blow our customers’ expectations out of the water. 

“Not only can our customers use their mobile phone to check their balances, pay bills, transfer money across their own accounts and into other people’s, and authorise transactions on company accounts, they can also SMS us to find their nearest ATM or branch. 

“And customers have had the ability to get SMS balance or payment alerts through their mobile phones ever since our last Internet Banking upgrade back in 2006. 

Dan also explained that the technology behind BOQ’s new mobile banking offering would make it accessible to more people. 

“Because our mobile banking platform uses a simple browser-based approach, we will be able to reach a huge number of our customers,” he said. 

“We’ve also designed the system to be extremely easy to sign up to; our customers can just set up mobile banking through their internet banking profile without having to download any tricky programs from a website to their phone. 

“And in addition to the easy set-up and user-friendly design of our mobile banking service, it will be protected by the same high level of security employed on our Internet Banking service, including transaction verification via BOQ’s security token.” 

BOQ Mobile Banking functionality

BOQ’s Mobile Banking system will allow customers to:
• Check balances
• Check transaction history
• Check their account details
• Make payments
• Pay a bill
• Transfer money
• Have a receipt transferred to them
• Check their payment history 

New SMS ATM Locator Service

BOQ’s new ATM and branch Locator Service enables customers to find their nearest ATM or branch just by sending the Bank an SMS. 

How it works:

  1. Customers text the suburb and state (eg. Paddington QLD) or postcode of their location to 0488 438 286 (0488 GET ATM) for the nearest ATMs or 0448 267 267 (0448 BOQ BOQ) for their nearest branches.
  2. They will then receive a text message with the locations of their nearest ATMs or branches straight away. 

Customers can also locate their nearest branch or ATM using the ‘Locate us’ service at  

The technology

Bank of Queensland will use BankLink Mobile, an easy-to-use, browser-based mobile banking solution provided by Sandstone.

BankLink Mobile works on any mobile phone with an SSL capable browser, including PDAs and Blackberry devices often used by business people. This enables access to a much wider customer base than is possible with older Java Applet-based solutions that have to be certified on specific handset models. This removes the usability barriers that have hindered past mobile banking efforts and means that BOQ customers can use their existing mobile handsets without requiring special SIM cards or software downloads.