Springvale Welcomes First Locally-owned Bank

Monday, 14/04/2008

Springvale has welcomed its first locally owned and managed full-service bank branch, with local bankers Vinh Ly, Ben Pham and Long Pham opening the doors of the Bank of Queensland franchise at 349 Springvale Road today.

BOQ’s unique, full-service Owner-Managed Branches have now revolutionised banking in 195 communities around Australia. They offer superior service, staff who know customers by name, a personal bank manager, direct phone and mobile contact with the manager and the branch, local decision-making and local employment opportunities.

Vinh said the model effectively transformed branch banking into a small business with all the associated benefits to customers, the community and the local economy.

“I have worked for 11 years with the big banks, and Ben has an additional 10 years in banking, so we understand the head-office restrictions and dollar pressures that corporate branch managers are under these days,” Vinh said.

“While these roles gave me a great range of experience in personal, business and corporate banking, it also reinforced that what I most enjoyed was focusing on customers, something which was getting harder and harder to achieve.

“When the opportunity to launch Springvale’s first BOQ branch came up, I saw it was the perfect way to become my own boss and return to a more customer-focused and personable style of banking.”

The Bank’s Managing Director David Liddy said the Owner-Manager Branch concept really was quite simple – it put managers back in touch with customers and encouraged them to give them what they wanted.

“Our Owner-Managers are not only motivated to personally look after their customers, but are empowered to do so by Head Office, with a range of great products and the ability to make local decisions,” David said.

“That’s why we can offer the friendly, interactive banking corporate branches can’t.  I know Vinh, Ben and Long have the experience, skills and commitment to make sure their customers’ needs are met.”