BOQ and Home Announce Single Brand

Tuesday, 20/05/2008

Bank of Queensland and Home Building Society have today announced that they will move forward with a single brand as they near full integration. 

The new combined group will operate under the Bank of Queensland brand. 

In announcing the decision, BOQ Managing Director David Liddy said: “Both Home Building Society and Bank of Queensland are strong regional financial institutions focused on customer service and their local communities. 

“However, to become a real alternative to the major banks in Western Australia, it’s important that we move forward with one strong brand. 

“So I’m pleased to announce that from June 2008 our new group will use the Bank of Queensland brand. 

“While the name may be different, what definitely won’t change is what we stand for and how we deal with our customers. We will continue to put the customer first in everything we do and deliver the personal, face-to-face service they have come to expect from both organisations.” 

Mr Liddy said Home customers would also benefit from a bigger branch network in Western Australia under the Bank of Queensland expansion program currently underway. 

“We are making a serious commitment to the Western Australian market, from continuing to open new branches through to maintaining a strong presence in community sponsorships. 

“Like Queensland, Western Australia has a dynamic, booming economy and we look forward to serving more and more people with our unique products and service offering.” 

Mal Wills, Head of Retail Financial Services for Home Building Society, said the decision to move ahead with one brand was great news for Home customers. 

“Bank of Queensland has a much broader, more competitive range of products, and our customers will also have access to a larger and more widespread ATM and branch network.  

“From early June, Home customers will be able to walk into any Home or Bank of Queensland branch in Western Australia to do their banking. 

“In addition, Home ATMs are being upgraded to new Bank of Queensland ATMs, so they will continue to have free access to the most widespread ATM network in Australia. 

“It really is all good news for our customers.” 

David Liddy agreed, saying: “Together we’re a real alternative to the major banks”. 

Full integration of BOQ and Home systems is scheduled for later this year.