All Deposits with Bank of Queensland 100% Government-guaranteed.

Friday, 31/10/2008

The Federal Government’s promise to guarantee all deposits with Bank of Queensland and other Australian authorised deposit-taking institutions for three years means depositors with BOQ can be confident their money is absolutely safe.

This means you can now take advantage of our superior personalised service and competitive rates without losing the security of a big bank, no matter how much or little you have with us.

Whether you bank with a Corporate Branch, an Owner-Managed Branch™, Private Bank or a Business Banking Centre, your funds are 100% government-guaranteed.

Although Australians already enjoy an extremely stable, strong, competitive and well-regulated banking sector making it very unlikely one would fail, the deposit guarantee now offers Australians total peace of mind.

The Bank of Queensland. Safe and Secure. document provides information about the deposit guarantee, the Australian banking sector and Bank of Queensland so you can make an informed decision about where to save or invest your money.

If you have any questions, please call Bank of Queensland’s Customer Relations Department on (07) 3212 3240,  drop into your local branch or visit