BOQ Nambour Pays it Forward to Uptown Hair Studio and Health Beat

Thursday, 23/07/2009

Bank of Queensland Nambour Owner-Manager, Gina Van Wezel continues to surprise local business owners and Bank of Queensland customers as part of her ‘pay it forward’ campaign to celebrate her branch’s second birthday.

The latest ‘pay it forward’ recipients are Uptown Hair Studio and Health Beat.

Gina said that paying it forward for the third time in three weeks hasn’t lost its buzz.

“It was really exciting once again to go in and surprise my business customers and their clientele by paying for their goods and services” Gina said.

“Once you start giving, you just want to keep on giving, it’s an awesome feeling!”

Rhonda Billett, the owner of Uptown Hair Studio said being a recipient of Gina’s ‘pay it forward’ campaign meant a lot to her and her team.

“It’s such a good idea and the ripple effect it has on a strong community-based town like Nambour is great,” she said.

“My three customers who had their services paid for can now go and spend that money elsewhere, hopefully in Nambour, and make someone else’s day.

“It’s great to see that business in Nambour is not just about money but about great relationships with everyone who passes through the door and the community.”

Jodie Christensen, owner of Heath Beat in the Nambour Plaza has been a customer of Bank of Queensland for 15 years and was equally thrilled by the generosity of Gina’s ‘pay it forward’ campaign.

As Jodie’s customers came forward to the counter to pay for their goods, Gina would quietly step out and introduce herself and explain to them that she’d like to pay for their purchases.

Gina said he most common reaction was shock and one gentleman couldn't quite believe his luck and kept looking over his shoulder as he walked out of the shop.

“I think he thought it might have been a prank and someone was going to approach him for shoplifting!” Gina said.

“Another customer, on learning that I would pay for her goods, decided to up her spend!

“It would now be great to see those people who had it paid forward to them to return the favour to the Nambour community and spend the money that they saved in another local store.”

Gina has another three businesses to surprise over the next few weeks by paying it forward to their customers.

The first business to receive Gina’s generosity was Holly’s Coffee House, not just once, but twice in the one day.