Beware of Unsolicited Offer for BOQ Shares

Tuesday, 20/07/2010 

BOQ has become aware that the Direct Share Purchasing Corporation Pty Ltd (DSPC) has been approaching shareholders with an offer to purchase their BOQ shares at below market value. 

BOQ does not endorse or recommend the offer. 

The price offered by DSPC is $5 per share, which is significantly less than the price of BOQ shares at market close on 19 July 2010 of $9.90. 

Under the Corporations Act, anyone can request shareholder details from a publicly listed company. BOQ has no legal means by which to refuse the request for details, which include shareholders’ names and addresses. 

If shareholders receive an offer from DSPC to buy their BOQ shares, they should:

  • read the offer letter carefully

  • compare the offer price against the current price of BOQ shares

  • speak to their financial adviser before making any decisions about selling their BOQ shares. 

There is no compulsion for any shareholder to accept the offer. 

Further details on dealing with unsolicited share offers can also be obtained from ASIC by contacting 1300 300 630. 

For more information about alternative ways to sell their shares, shareholders should speak to their broker or contact Link Market Services on 1800 779 639.