Security Alert - Fee Refund Scam

Thursday, 05/08/2010

Customers should be aware of a current telephone scam where calls are received by customers regarding overcharged bank fees. 

The callers claim to be either from the Bank, or from government agencies such as the ATO or Office of Fair Trading, advising customers that the Bank has overcharged fees on their account and that they are due a refund. 

Callers then request bank account and/or credit card details in order to refund money back to the customer.  In some circumstances, callers also request information such as mother's maiden name or other Bank passwords to identify the customer. 

To protect yourself, never provide any personal and/or banking details during any unsolicited telephone calls. If in doubt about the identity of a caller, request their name and contact number to call them back. 

Always verify the number you are calling belongs to the organisation you are trying to contact. If in doubt, visit their website to obtain their contact details. 

Please note that this scam is not limited to BOQ customers, therefore, you may receive similar telephone calls purporting to relate to other organisations you may also hold accounts with.  

More information on scams of this nature can be found at the NSW Office of Fair Trading and Scamwatch.