BOQ Customers win With rediATM Partnership

Wednesday, 01/09/2010

BOQ has today announced a partnership with rediATM, which will give BOQ customers fee-free access to one of the largest ATM networks in Australia from 1 September. 

BOQ Managing Director David Liddy said the partnership was a great result for BOQ customers. 

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers fee-free access to the second largest ATM network in Australia through our new partnership with rediATM. 

“It is another way we are delivering on our promise of ‘your own personal bank’; we believe our customers should be able to do their banking whenever and wherever it is convenient for them and this partnership with rediATM helps us make this a reality. 

“We are always looking for innovative ways we can offer customers a genuine alternative to the big banks and we believe this partnership is a fantastic initiative in terms of offering customers accessibility and convenience. 

“We now essentially match the big banks on ATM accessibility, which partnered with our leading Internet Banking, mobile phone banking and Phone Banking offerings means our customers have the same, if not better, access to their money as customers of the big banks. 

“Combine this with the exceptional, personal customer service we have become famous for through our unique Owner-Managed Branch model, and we believe we can truly offer our customers the best banking solution in Australia.” 

Through this partnership, BOQ cardholders will have access to a network of 3,500 ATMs throughout Australia, 80% of which are in shopping centres and high street locations. 

“We are confident that the high quality ATMs available through the rediATM network will mean greater network availability and therefore greater accessibility and convenience for our customers.  And of course BOQ customers can still use our own BOQ ATMs free of charge as well,” said David. 

Craig Kennedy, Managing Director at Cuscal said, “We are delighted to welcome BOQ into the network, and hope that access to 3,500 ATMs around the country without direct charge fees will be of great service to its cardholders.” 

BOQ ATMs will be co-branded with rediATM later this year and all BOQ branding will be removed from Customers ATMs (the previous partner) by mid-2011. 

BOQ’s existing arrangement with Customers ATMs expires this month.