BOQ and Customers ATM Provide Direct Charge Fee-free ATM Access in Flood-affected Areas

Thursday, 20/01/2011

BOQ and Customers ATM are providing fee-free ATM services at more than 310 ATMs in flood-affected areas of Queensland and northern New South Wales. 

From 18 January until 12 February 2011, over 310 BOQ-branded ATMs (owned and operated by Customers ATM), as well as 61 BOQ-owned ATMs in flood affected areas will provide direct charge fee-free use for all cardholders.  

No matter which Australian bank you bank with, you will be able to use any BOQ branded ATM in the flood-affected areas of Queensland and northern NSW without paying the $2 fee for this period. 

BOQ is one of a number of banks that have agreed to waive the direct charge – the fee normally charged to customers of other banks – on ATMs in flood-affected areas and Customers ATM has also agreed to support the initiative. 

BOQ Managing Director and CEO David Liddy said direct charge fee-free ATM access was one small way the Bank was helping the many people affected by floods. 

“We understand that a lot of people have been impacted by this disaster and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to access their cash, without having to worry about incurring this fee,” Mr Liddy said. 

“BOQ agreed to waive the direct charge fee on its own fleet of ATMs and we also worked out an arrangement with Customers ATM where we will share the costs of waiving the direct charge fee on the 310 Customers-owned BOQ-branded ATMs in the impacted areas. 

“As a business with more than 200 small business owners (Owner-Managers), we want to do what we can to help other local businesses and local people.” 

Customers ATM Managing Director Tim Wildash said the company was pleased to be able to help in some way. 

“We welcome the opportunity to work with BOQ in helping to meet the needs of flood-affected communities,” Mr Wildash said. 

“We are also working hard to maintain ATM services across Queensland and northern New South Wales, repairing and replacing flood-affected ATMs.” 

Any BOQ customers in financial difficulty as a result of these floods are encouraged to contact BOQ’s Flood Hotline on 1800 079 866 to find out how our Special Hardship Package can help.  

BOQ is also part of the rediATM network and Cuscal Limited has agreed to make their rediATMs direct charge fee-free until 29 January 2011. 

(If you'd like to find out where BOQ ATMs are, use our ATM Locator.  And don't forget that BOQ is also part of the rediATM network!)