BOQ Launches Competitive Everyday Bank Account

Monday, 21/02/2011

BOQ has today announced it will launch a new everyday bank account, the Day2Day Plus Account™, which has no BOQ transaction fees or account maintenance fees. 

BOQ Managing Director and CEO David Liddy said the everyday account would look and feel like any other transaction account, but without the usual fees and charges. 

“It offers everything you’d expect from an everyday bank account plus a range of extras such as no monthly account fee, free unlimited BOQ transactions, free unlimited use of ATMs through BOQ and the 3,500 rediATM network and free Visa Debit card access,” Mr Liddy said. 

“Essentially it’s a transaction account that leaves our customers with heavier pockets at the end of the month. 

"With the Day2Day Plus Account™, our customers also get access to the latest Internet and Mobile Banking. In fact, we now have an edge over our competitors as BOQ's Mobile Banking solution has been recognised as Australia's best at the Amber Awards two years in a row. 

“We think it’s a very competitive account and one that will be well-received by the market. After all, it’s not every day that you get something for nothing! 

“And it will of course come with the one-on-one personal service that BOQ prides itself on, which is something our bigger competitors don’t seem to understand. 

“Some of our competitors are making a lot of noise about products they’re offering, but customers are smart enough to understand a great product must be backed up by a great level of service – and that’s where BOQ shines through.” 

Mr Liddy said the Day2Day Plus Account™ was the fourth new product the Bank has rolled out in five months and was part of a broader business strategy. 

“The Day2 Day Plus Account™ is part of a pipeline of new products that the Bank is working on to attract new customers, reduce our funding costs, and ensure that our product offering matches, or exceeds, that of our competitors. 

“We also recently announced a new online share trading platform, our innovative Save to Win Account, and the Business First Lending Package, which will reward small business owners for bundling both their business and personal banking with BOQ,” he said. 

“And, we’re continuing to work hard behind the scenes to bring several other new products to market this year.” 


Day2Day Plus Account™ features: 

The Day2Day Plus Account™ offers everything you’d expect from an everyday bank account plus stacks of extras:

+ No monthly account fee
+ Free unlimited BOQ transactions
+ Free access and unlimited use of the BOQ and the 3,500 rediATM network
+ Free Visa Debit card access
+ The latest in internet and award winning Mobile Banking.