BOQ – Announcement of PEPS Dividend

Thursday, 13/09/2012

Bank of Queensland has declared a fully franked dividend for the Perpetual Equity Preference
Shares (ASX Code BOQPC) of 4.3447 per cent per annum for the period from and including 16
April 2012 (Last Dividend Payment Date) to but excluding 15 October 2012 (Dividend Payment
Date) being a period of 182 days. 

The dividend equates, including rounding, to $2.17 per share or a total dividend of $4.34m.

The following dates apply to this dividend: 

Announcement Date: 13 September 2012

Ex-dividend Date: 18 September 2012

Record Date: 24 September 2012

Payment Date: 15 October 2012 

There is no foreign conduit income attributed to this dividend.