It’s Possible to Love a Bank

Friday, 31/05/2013

BOQ is challenging financial industry norms with bold new branding – “It’s possible to love a bank”. 

CEO Stuart Grimshaw said it was the next strategic step for the Bank. 

“Every organisation needs to have strategy, culture and brand aligned,” he said. 

“Over the last 18 months we’ve set up the right strategic plan to meet the changing business environment and we’re making sure we develop a culture that ensures the right people have the right tools and systems to do what they do best. 

“We already score highly on personal service and likeability metrics, now it’s time to build on this this.” 

Mr Grimshaw said BOQ’s business model, service reputation and people would make the brand aspiration a reality. 

“This isn’t just a tagline – it’s an inside-out rebrand that involves a whole new way of behaving as an organisation, building on what we do well and changing how the bank operates internally, right down to the systems and processes we use,” he said. 

“Customers experience our brand through our employees, our products and services, and they will decide whether they love us based on the service we provide and the relationships we build. 

“What we’re building here is a culture where employees are empowered to make all aspects of banking better. Our internal launch has been strongly supported, which is a crucial part of our direction.” 

Mr Grimshaw said many of Australia’s smaller banks were actually owned by the Big 4, which contributed to a misleading impression of choice. 

“BOQ is completely independent so we offer customers a genuine alternative,” he said.