BOQ Midland Owner Manager Gui Pierre Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Owning and running your own small business has many challenges and this is not to be downplayed. However, there are also many benefits – financial, independence, flexibility are three that come to mind. Perhaps not as frequently mentioned is the emotional connection small business owners build with their customers and the team of people that they surround themselves with.

Our BOQ Midland Owner Manager (Franchisee) Gui Pierre celebrated his 10 year anniversary of branch ownership this past week. We asked Gui if he would share some his thoughts on business ownership and insights gained over the past decade. It is clear that Gui is grateful for support of a wonderful team, passionate about his customers and supporting them and last, but certainly not least, grateful for the love and support of his family.

In what ways do you connect with and support your local community?

We have sponsored the Swan Valley Junior Cricket Association for 9 years and The Swan Districts Junior Soccer Club for the last 5 years.

What have you enjoyed most about being an Owner Manager with BOQ?

Building a wonderful team of employees and customers is the best aspect of my job. We are so lucky to have this.

In your experience, what are the top three challenges faced by someone starting a small business?

1. Cashflow Management, 2. Staff Management, 3. Regulatory/External challenges.

Thinking about your business, what do you see as your greatest asset and why?

My staff because they are the heart of my business. You can’t run these businesses on your own, you depend on the people that work for you to make it all happen.

Who are the trusted advisors on your bench?

I have 3 : My dad, my Branch Manager and my State Manager

What is your favourite Book / Quote. Can you share why this resonates with you?

The Mike Tyson Biography (Undisputed Truth). This book shows that despite humble/difficult beginnings, as long as you have belief and you have people that believe in you, anything is achievable.

What is the best thing about running your own small business?

The array of people that you meet (fellow business owners, professionals and everyday working people) and the insights that share with you about their businesses, experiences, world and life in general. Running your own business is like a rollercoaster where you have your ups and downs and the ups certainly make it worthwhile. I have learnt more about myself over the last 10 years than my whole lifetime.

Describe what the future looks like for you?

My goal is to set up this business so that there is less reliance on myself so that I can invest the time with my family that they deserve. I want to be able to take my kids to school, sport events and just be an important part of their lives. This is the whole reason you get into business so that eventually one day you are able to achieve the freedom to do the things you love. I try not to look too far ahead as there are always unknown factors that come into play but I am certainly determined to give back to my family.

Congratulations on your achievement Gui, we wish you every future success – Glen Goldspink

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