A Guide To The First Home Owner Grants In Each Australian State And Territory

Updated September 10, 2020 to include changes to FHOGs after August 01, 2020.

At any given time, almost one in three owner-occupiers buying property are doing it for the first time; the Australian Bureau of Statistics puts the exact proportion at 29.8% per cent in August 2019.

While rising prices have restricted first home buyers (FHBs) in the last few years, these figures show it’s still a clear possibility for a large number of Australians. One of the best ways to get financial assistance with a first-time purchase is using government grants. But depending on where you buy, you’re going to face very different requirements and receive very different amounts.

Do you know how much you’re able to get?

First home owner grant in New South Wales

Maximum amount: $10,000

FHBs in New South Wales face some of the highest property prices in the country – something the State government has taken positive steps to mitigating. The NSW first home owners grant (FHOG) gives consumers a maximum of $10,000, as long as:

  • They are buying a new home valued at $600,000 or less, or
  • Building a new home valued up to $750,000.

As of August 2020, there are additional concessions on stamp duty for properties under $1,000,000, while buyers are not required to pay any stamp duty at all on homes under $800,000. Depending on the initial property value, this can save FHBs an additional $30,000.

Additional eligibility criteria apply, read more here.

First home owner grant in Victoria

Maximum amount: $20,000

The Victorian FHOG amount varies depending on where you buy. Buyers can receive up to $20,000 for a new home (built or bought) in regional Victoria, and $10,000 for the same kind of property purchased or developed in metropolitan areas. The maximum property value for accessing this grant is $750,000.

There are further concessions available if the home is your principal place of residence (PPR), or if you are a pensioneroff-the-plan buyeryoung farmer or purchasing a home between $600,001 and $750,000.

Additional eligibility criteria apply, read more here.

First home owner grant in Tasmania

Maximum amount: $20,000

In Tasmania, the first home buyer scheme of $20,000 has been extended and is now available until 30 June 2022.

The First Home Owner Grant is a one-off payment for eligible applicants who buy or build a new home – this refers to a comprehensive building contract, owner-builder construction, or purchase of an off-the-plan or new dwelling. For those seeking to build and claim the FHOG, construction must be completed within 24 months of the start date to remain eligible.

Under the First Home Owner Duty Concession, first home buyers who purchase an established property may be eligible for a duty concession of 50 per cent for homes with a value up to $400,000.

Additional eligibility criteria apply, read more here.

First home owner grant in Queensland

Maximum amount: $15,000

As of 1 July 2018, the Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant has been reduced to $15,000.

To be eligible for the grant you must be buying or building a new house, unit or townhouse, valued under $750,000. You must move into your new home within one year of purchase, and reside there as your principal place of residence for a minimum continuous six month period. If you have to move out during this time, the government may request that you pay back the grant. You aren’t eligible for the QLD FHOG if you or your spouse have previously owned property in Australia.

Additional eligibility criteria apply, read more here.

First home owner grant in South Australia

Maximum amount: $15,000

In South Australia, the standard first home owners grant is $15,000 for the construction or purchase of a brand new property (i.e. a property that has not previously been occupied). 

The market value ceiling for claiming the FHOG in South Australia is $575,000 – a figure that applies to the value of a construction after it is completed.

Additional eligibility criteria apply, read more here.

First home owners grant in Northern Territory

Maximum amount: $25,000

The Northern Territory’s first home owner grant is the biggest in the country, reaching $25,000 for those who buy or build a new home, or substantially renovate an existing home. To be eligible, new properties must have a combined home and land value of  up to $750,000, while renovations undergoing substantial renovations must be valued at more than $1,500,000 .

While there is no grant for first home buyers of an established home, the NT Government does offer concessions on stamp duty of up to $18,601 if you are buying an established home, new home, or land to build a home. 

Additional eligibility criteria apply, read more here.

First home owner grant in Western Australia

Maximum amount: $10,000

In Western Australia, the FHOG will vary depending on the location of your new purchase or build. An initial grant of $10,000 applies when you buy or build a new home, with value thresholds of $750,000 south of latitude 26 (including Perth), and $1,000,000 north of this level. A home that has been substantially renovated may be considered a new home.

Those buying an established home (i.e. a home that has previously been occupied) are not eligible for the FHOG, however they may be eligible for the First Home Owner Rate of duty (FHOR). 

Additional eligibility criteria apply, read more here.

First home owner grant in ACT

Stamp Duty Concessions: $7,000

In the ACT, the First Home Owner Grant has been replaced by the Home Buyer Concession Scheme, which offers concessions on stamp duty. First home buyers in the ACT no longer need to pay stamp duty on property. This includes both established and new homes with no limit on property prices.

Eligible first home owners and their partners must not have owned any property in the past two years, and have a total gross household income of up to $176,650, contingent on the number of dependent children. 

Additional eligibility criteria apply, read more here.

Want to build a new home or renovate your existing one?

Across Australia, the HomeBuilder Grant is available to provide owner occupiers (including first home buyers) with a grant of $25,000 to help you build a new house or substantially renovate an existing home. Find out more about how you can apply.

Finding the right grant for your needs

Right across Australia, there are grants and subsidies to make purchasing property easier for first home buyers.

If you’re currently looking to buy your first home, then get in touch with your local BOQ branch.



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