Your guide to home ownership

Buying your first home is no easy feat. Enjoy your journey to home ownership and feel confident that you know everything you need to make the right choice. Explore our guides to buying your first home and get the support you need at every stage – from saving for a deposit, to planning your purchase, to living in your dream home.

Home Loan Calculators & Tools

You can use our home loan calculators to estimate your borrowing power and repayments, and our free Property and Suburb reports to put detailed insights at your fingertips in minutes. Leverage our first home buyer loan tools to make your dream of owning a home a reality.

First steps for first home buyers

Buying your first home can be complicated and confusing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you through every step of the process.

Are you ready to buy your first home?

How do you know if you're ready to buy your first home? Here are five questions to help you decide.

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A guide to the first home owner grants in each Australian state and territory

One of the best ways to get financial assistance with a first-time purchase is using government grants.

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What costs do I need to be aware of when buying a new home?

It's essential that first-time home buyers understand that the cost of buying a home extends far beyond the sale price.

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What to look for at an open inspection

When it comes to buying your first home, it’s important you tick off all the important to-dos.

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Property jargon busting

From a distance, looking at the world of real estate and property might appear to be a foreign land, filled as it is with seemingly indecipherable jargon and lingo.

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5 Common mistakes First Home Buyers should avoid

Here are five of the most common mistakes made by first-time buyers, so you don't do the same.

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How to save and budget for your first home deposit

Get money smart and get into your new home sooner with our top tips.

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How to find your perfect first home

Want to buy your first home but don’t know where to start? From location to lifestyle, here’s what you need to think about.

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7 steps to buying your first home

Buying your first home is easier when you know what to expect. Here’s the journey from applying for a loan to settlement day. 

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Buy your first house like a pro

To make your big purchase as seamless as possible, planning is everything. From finding the right home and taking out a loan to dotting those i’s and crossing those t’s through settlement, here’s how to tackle home buying like a professional.

How much can I really borrow?

Let's walk through the steps to figuring out what you can borrow and the most important factors to consider.

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The in's & out's of your home loan contract

While it’s easy to get caught up in the buzz and excitement of  buying a home, there are a few ‘formal’ things you need to consider as well.

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Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Everything you need to know about lenders mortage insurance.

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Property and Suburb Reports

Learn more about an individual property or suburb through a free BOQ Property or Suburb Report.

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Solicitor vs. Conveyancer: When it comes to your home loan, who do you need?

Find out what they do, what’s the difference between the two and who you should call for what you need.

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Find the right home loan

When it comes to buying your first home, finding the right home loan is equally important as finding the perfect property. Chat to us today to make sure your home loan has all the features to suit your personal circumstances. Whether you need a loan with flexible repayment options, competitive interest rates or other features tailored to your needs, our team is ready to help.

Save with our simple owner occupier home loan

Economy Variable Home Loan

A simple home loan doesn’t mean you have to compromise on its features.

  • Owner Occupier and Investor options available
  • Unlimited free redraw
  • Unlimited additional repayments

Know what your repayments are for peace of mind

Fixed Rate Home Loan

A fixed rate home loan gives you the certainty of knowing exactly what your repayments will be for up to 5 years, while protecting yourself against any potential interest rate rises.

  • Owner occupier and investor options available
  • Great interest rates across our range of terms
  • Repayment options available include Principal and Interest repayments and Interest Only repayments
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Living in your dream home

You’ve signed on the dotted line and you couldn’t be happier to have purchased your first home. But what’s next? Moving in is just the beginning. You’re now a proud homeowner so let’s help you think like one.

Top tips to survive moving day

Excited to move in but not looking forward to moving day? Here are our top tips to make it all run a little smoother.

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Offset, redraw or top-up - what do they mean and what is best for you?

Find out what they are and how you can use them to access the money in your home.

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7 smart, value-adding renovations for your home

Simple things you can do to give your new home a facelift and add value to your investment.

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Why home insurance is important

Protect what’s yours from the unexpected. Because sometimes life doesn’t go to plan.

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Ready to start your home buying journey?

Whether you’re ready to explore home loan options or simply need questions answered, we’re here to help.

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