Online international payments

Online telegraphic transfers are available via internet banking. This secure service is simple to use and enables you to create and save payment templates for future use, making the process of sending an international payment easier. After initiating the payment, the funds are debited from your BOQ bank account and the foreign currency payment is remitted. You will need to provide certain details about the beneficiary and their account online.

In-branch international payments

International payments can also be done in branch. When sending payment by signed telegraphic transfer you will need to provide us with certain details about the beneficiary and their account. This payment may also be initiated and completed through our business banking centres.

Drafts/overseas cheques

A draft is an international bank cheque issued in a foreign currency. Drafts can be ordered in any of our branches and will be issued from our Head Office to the branch within 48 hours. Drafts are an economical method of making non-urgent overseas payments. You simply post the draft to the payee.

Traveller’s cheques can be cashed at any of our branches. Other foreign currency cheques may be able to be negotiated based on your account association.

Receiving international payments


When in receipt of funds from an overseas account into your BOQ account, you will need to provide a SWIFT code to your payee.

Please use QBANAU4B.

When transferring funds to an overseas account from your BOQ account, you will need a different SWIFT code, which differs depending on the recipient’s financial institution.

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