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Why BOQ SmartFX®?

BOQ SmartFX® makes doing business overseas safe and simple – with all your foreign exchange needs in one place. Now you can manage all your business transactional accounts and foreign currency accounts from a single online platform whenever you need.

Easy-to-use, with 24/7 online access, BOQ  SmartFX® also allows you to:

  • book foreign exchange rates;
  • forward exchange contracts;
  • place limit orders to buy or sell currencies at specified rates; and
  • pay multiple beneficiaries from a single FX transaction.

Regardless of how big or small your business is, you’ll get access to BOQ’s team of Financial Markets specialists who are here to help with FX, trade finance and interest rate solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Features and benefits

Easy online banking


Flexible online solution with FX hedging and payment capability in one place, allowing you to transact anytime, anywhere

Easy to use banking


View all your foreign currency accounts within online banking and pay multiple beneficiaries from a single FX transaction

More money at hand


Competitive rates with no hidden fees and zero monthly account fees on foreign currency accounts 

Debit card locked for secuirty


Our secure platform allows you to manage your foreign currency transfers and international payments with peace of mind

Easy foreign currency payments

Multiple currencies

Make current or schedule future dated payments across a range of foreign currencies

easy access


Access to dedicated financial markets industry specialists

Available currencies

BOQ SmartFX® gives you access to a number of foreign currency accounts to manage your foreign exchange needs, with the ability to make international payments across major currencies including:


Australian Dollar


US Dollar


Canadian Dollar




Swiss Frank


Japanese Yen



New Zealand Dollar


British Pound Sterling


Hong Kong Dollar


Singapore Dollar


Thai Baht


South African Rand


More currencies available upon request by contacting us on  1800 34 3939



Frequently Asked Questions

Quick reference guides

Our quick reference video guides and other important information is available here and can help you troubleshoot or answer any questions you may have when transacting on BOQ SmartFX®.

Want to know more?

Our Financial Markets specialists are happy to help.

Setting up your BOQ SmartFX®  access is simple.

If you’re an existing client you will need:

  • A BOQ Everyday Business Account with internet banking access 
  • To be registered with BOQ Financial Markets 

New to bank customers can also apply.

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