Supporting our local communities

As part of our commitment to support the communities in which we operate, BOQ gets involved with a variety of corporate sponsorships, community partnerships and fundraising activities.

In addition to those sponsorships that form part of our strategic business plans, we receive many requests for sponsorship. Each sponsorship request is assessed individually, based on our sponsorship guidelines and the merits of the opportunity.

BOQ is not currently seeking any new sponsorship relationships.


  • Types of sponsorships we consider

    We consider sponsorships that:

    • Align with BOQ's business objectives
    • Support our core brand values
    • Promote our brand in a strong and positive way, especially in areas where we operate
    • Include opportunities for our staff to be involved
    • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship
  • Types of sponsorships we don't consider

    BOQ would not normally consider:

    • Programs that could be detrimental to public health or safety, discriminatory, or offensive to the community
    • Programs that encourage smoking, alcohol consumption, substance abuse, or are directly related to gambling
    • Programs that are directly aligned to political, religious or sectarian groups
    • Organisations and events outside our markets, activities that duplicate our existing sponsorships or involve competitor financial institutions
  • Supporting local sponsorships

    As a bank that is committed to being part of the local community, our branches have the scope to independently support small-scale local sponsorships.  You should contact your nearest branch if you are seeking a local community sponsorship.

  • Sponsorship Guidelines

    Please provide a written proposal that addresses the following criteria:

    • Details about your organisation and event  – especially demonstrate how your event aligns with the Bank’s brand values
    • Sponsorship investment sought  (including any payment terms and GST)
    • Sponsor benefits (including confirmation that we will be the only financial services company involved with the event)
    • Plans for advertising and promoting the sponsorship (including details of any media partners confirmed or being approached)
    • Your target audience
    • Banking relationship – existing business and new business opportunities through the sponsorship
    • Contact details for further information

    Other useful information to help us assess your request will include:

    • How our staff can be involved
    • Whether the proposal represents a long-term partnership, ie. is the proposal for a one-off or regular event
    • Corporate hospitality and entertainment opportunities
    • Details of any fundraising component including beneficiaries
    • Details of other sponsors involved or being approached
    • How you plan to measure and report sponsorship outcomes to us
    • Will you be engaging a professional sponsorship manager to operate the sponsorship
    • You should submit your proposal a minimum of six months prior to the event, to allow for consideration, approval, and full planning to leverage the sponsorship

    We will endeavour to respond to all proposals within four weeks of submission. 

  • Submitting your sponsorship proposal

    Send your proposal for local sponsorships to your nearest branch manager.

    For Bank-wide sponsorships send your proposal to Marketing Manager - Brand and Partnerships, GPO Box 898, Brisbane, QLD, 4001.