Information on credit ratings

Credit Ratings

Credit ratings are a financial indicator used by potential investors of debt securities. View the ratings that Standard & Poor's, Fitch and Moody's Investor Services have placed on BOQ.

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Capital raising opportunities

Capital Raisings

From time to time, BOQ will provide shareholders with the opportunity to participate in a capital raising. Read about the offers here.

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REDS Securitisation

REDS Securitisation

REDS is a securitisation programme established and managed by B.Q.L Management Pty Ltd. for the purpose of securitising $A denominated residential housing loans.

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Information on covered bonds

Covered Bonds

Bank of Queensland has established Australia's first conditional pass-through covered bond programme. 

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Information on Debt Programmes

Debt Programmes

BOQ's Debt Instrument Programme is a combined, non-underwritten, revolving domestic debt instrument programme for the acceptance of Transferrable Deposits and the issue of Notes.

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