APS 330 Capital Adequacy Disclosures

Australian Prudential Standard APS 330 'Public Disclosure', requires ADI's to undertake periodic disclosure of information on their capital adequacy, capital instrument and remuneration practices to contribute to the transparency of financial markets and to enhance market discipline.

The revision of APS 330 in June 2013 has seen an increase in the required capital adequacy disclosures from those previously presented. Effective from 31 August 2013, the Bank of Queensland Group ("the Group") will present the following disclosures: 

  • Capital adequacy summary
  • Credit risk summary
  • Securitisation exposures
  • Capital adequacy common disclosure template
  • Regulatory Balance Sheet

All disclosures excluding the common disclosure template and regulatory balance sheet will be updated quarterly. These will be provided on a semi-annual basis in alignment with the Group's annual and half year reporting periods.

Until 31 August 2013, the Group prepared and updated capital disclosures based on the previous version of APS 330 'Capital Adequacy: Public Disclosure of Prudential Information'. 

These disclosures contain information on:

  • Capital structure
  • Capital adequacy
  • Credit risk
  • Securitisation exposures

APRA Pillar 3 Reporting

All current and historical disclosures can be found on our APRA Pillar 3 Reporting page.