• How do I contact the Investor Relations team at BOQ?

    Email: InvestorRelations@boq.com.au
    Phone: +61 7 3212 3990

  • Who is BOQ’s share registry?

    Our register is managed by Link Market Services Limited. Link's contact details are:


    Level 12
    680 George Street
    Sydney South NSW 2000

    Bank of Queensland Limited
    C/ - Link Market Services
    Locked Bag A14
    Sydney South NSW 1235

    Enquiries within Australia:  1800 779 639
    Enquiries outside of Australia: +61 1800 779 639
    Facsimile: +61 2 9287 0303

    Email: boq@linkmarketservices.com.au
    Website: www.linkmarketservices.com.au

  • I do not wish to receive a hard copy of the Annual Report, what do I need to do?

    BOQ complies with the Corporations Legislation Amendment (Simpler Regulatory System) Act 2007 and our website is now the default method for making our Annual Report available to shareholders. Hard copy Annual Reports will only be sent to shareholders who elect to receive one by updating their Annual Report communication preferences which can be done either by logging in to their account with our share registry Link Market Services or phoning Link Market Services on 1800 779 639. All reports can be viewed and downloaded on the Annual Reports page.

    We also encourage shareholders to elect to receive all shareholder communications from BOQ via email. Electronic shareholder communication offers considerable benefits for both shareholders and BOQ - shareholders receive prompt information via convenient and secure electronic delivery, there are significant cost savings and the communications are environmentally friendly.

    Through the Link Market Services login, shareholders can elect to receive e-communications and amend other details of their BOQ shareholding.

  • How do I change my postal address on the share register?

    There are a few options. If your shares are held on the Issuer Sponsored sub-register in your name, you can login to our share registry Link Market Services and update your address electronically, or fill in and return the Change of Address form which is available on the share registry website. Alternatively, Issuer Sponsored shareholders can request a form by calling the share registry on 1800 779 639.

    For Broker Sponsored holders (shares held on the CHESS sub-register), you will need to advise your sponsoring broker in writing of the change.

  • Does BOQ have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)?

    Yes. BOQ has a DRP available to eligible holders of Ordinary Fully Paid shares. Shares are issued at a discount of 1.5% on the arithmetic average of the daily volume weighted average price. Further details can be viewed on this Dividend page of this website.

    Request a DRP election form by calling the share registry on 1800 779 639.

  • How do I advise/change my direct credit details?

    There are a few options. You can contact our share registry Link Market Services on 1800 779 639 or download and return a Direct Credit form from the share registry's website

    Alternatively, you can update your details electronically by logging in to the share registry website.

  • Do I need to quote my Tax File Number (TFN) or Australian Business Number (ABN)?

    You are not obliged to quote your TFN or ABN, however tax may be deducted from unfranked portions of payments at the highest marginal rate. To obtain a form to advise your details, either contact the Bank’s share registry on 1800 779 639 or download and return the TFN or ABN Notification form from the share registry's website.

  • How can I obtain the terms and conditions of my Preference Shares?

    Terms and conditions can be viewed on the Preference shares page of this website.

  • How can I purchase and sell BOQ shares?

    The only way to sell your shares is through the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) using a broker. In case you don't have your own broker, the ASX website contains useful information on brokers and comprehensive lists to help you choose a broker that best suits your needs. The ASX webpage on Choosing a broker may be useful.

  • Does BOQ offer shareholder benefits?

    Yes if you have 500 or more Ordinary Fully Paid shares you are entitled to various benefits offered by the Bank. Further details of Shareholder benefits can be viewed on this website.

  • Are there any tax implications with owning BOQ shares?

    It is recommended that shareholders obtain independent advice if they are in any doubt as to tax implications relating to their BOQ holding. For more information please visit the ATO website.

    For Home Building Society shareholders who acquired BOQ shares through the 2007 merger, more information is available on our tax information page.

Further information

For more BOQ share information, please visit the BOQ page on the Australian Stock Exchange website.