3 Must-Haves For Every First-Time Traveller

Do you think you’re ready for your first trip abroad? Think again.

You may have remembered your underwear, toiletries and phone charger, but those aren’t the three things first-time travellers should be worrying about forgetting.

You’re not done packing until you have these three things…

1. Travel insurance

When exploring a new country, you want to completely immerse yourself in the culture – which sometimes forces you to go outside your comfort zone. Trying new foods in Bali, hiking in the Swiss Alps or grabbing the lowest-priced bus across the US are all parts of embracing a new destination.

However, many a traveller has experienced the formidable Bali belly. Missteps have been made on hilltops in Switzerland. And perhaps most common of all, luggage has been lost countless times in transit between cities.

These are all a part of travelling, but they can be a trip-ruiner if you aren’t adequately prepared. Travel insurance through BOQ covers you in case your trip goes awry!

2. Copies of passport and travel documents

Some of the most popular destinations in the world also have a high crime rate, and those who are the least aware (tourists) are the most at risk. For example, Sweden has nearly 4,000 thefts per 100,000 people, according to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. France has 1,970, Italy has 1,876 and the UK has 1,744 per 100,000.

These shouldn’t stop you from visiting because they are only petty crimes. However, if you’re pickpocketed on your trip abroad this could leave you in a stressful situation. That’s why all smart travellers make copies of their passport and travel documents. Make sure everyone has digital backups in case something happens.

3. Converting currency

Getting to a foreign airport only to realise you forgot to get out cash for a cab is more than frustrating, it’s expensive. Currency exchange centres are often more costly at the airport. Beyond that, there are international transaction fees that add up after just a couple of swipes, but that’s money you don’t have to spend.

Before you go on holiday get your money converted at the bank (or even order online) for the best deal. That way, you can also get acquainted with the denominations so you don’t fumble when it comes time to make payments.

But if you don’t want to carry around a lot of cash, consider picking up a Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard. This is a pre-paid travel money card that allows you to load 11 currencies that you can use in shops, online or at ATMs.

To learn more about these travel essentials, head to the BOQ website today, where you can take out atravel insurance policy online.


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