Our budget planner allows you to:

  • Categorise your expenses.
  • Change the frequency of income & expenses categories.
  • See a snapshot of your spending.
  • Easily identify where you are over or under spending.

How to use our budget template.

Our free budget planner is easy to use. Simply follow these steps:

1. Fill out your income details.
2. Select an expense category to open the accordion.
3. Choose the frequency in which this expense occurs.
4. Enter the amount you spend on this expense.
5. Repeat for all other expense categories.
6. Click ‘Results’ to view your budget. 
7. To start over, select ‘Reset all pages’ under the ‘Results’ dropdown menu.

You can also print or save your results if you wish. 

Budgeting Guides & Tips.

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Looking for an account to make budgeting easier? 

The BOQ Everyday Account is packed with helpful budgeting features to make budgeting easier. 

Learn more about the Everyday Account.

open wallet

Set your budgets

Create spending budgets on specific categories like groceries, bills and more.

Get personalised spending insights

If you have BOQ Everyday Account, you can get personalised insights and real-time alerts all in the palm of your hands with our handy myBOQ banking app.

Track your bills

We’ll give you a heads up when your bills are due, so you can make sure you’ve got the funds available.

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  • What is a budget planner?

    A budget planner is a financial tool or method used to organise, track, and manage your income, expenses, savings, and financial goals. It helps you create a plan to allocate your money efficiently, ensuring that you cover all your necessary expenses while saving for future needs or goals.

  • How to create a budget plan.

    Creating a budget plan involves setting financial goals, calculating income, listing expenses, setting spending limits, allocating funds for savings and debt repayment, and tracking your progress. You can create a budget plan by using BOQ's budget planning tool above, which streamlines the process and helps you manage your finances effectively. 

  • How to budget.

    There are many different methods of budgeting, however, they all involve the same fundamentals. First, identify your financial goals and calculate your monthly income. Then list and categorise your expenses and set spending limits for each category. If your goal is to save more, then you must set a realistic allocation for saving. Continue to track your spending and savings regularly to ensure you’re sticking to your budget.

  • Why do I need to budget?

    The reason you may need to budget will differ for each person. You may want to save more to reach a goal such as a holiday, a house deposit or saving for retirement.

    Budgeting is a good way to allocate more money to your savings. Another reason is you may want to gain control over your finances and identify areas where you can improve your overall financial health.

    Or you may want to prevent overspending or accumulating debt by setting spending limits. Whatever your reason, budgeting is a great lesson in developing better money management habits.

  • Do I need an account to budget?

    While you don't need a specific account to create a budget, having a dedicated account can help streamline the process and make managing your finances easier. BOQ's Everyday Account in the handy myBOQ mobile app offers useful budgeting features which allow you to track your spending, set limits, and monitor your progress towards your financial goals.