Purchasing Travel Insurance Is Just Like Booking A Hotel

You wouldn't go on holiday without researching and booking a hotel, so you shouldn't travel before researching your travel insurance either. In many ways, getting the right travel insurance is just like finding the perfect hotel room.

Think about it: When reviewing hotels, you look for certain amenities you know you wouldn’t have an enjoyable trip without. So, you should to do the same with your travel insurance to ensure your trip is adequately covered…you just need to know what to look for.

Reasonable price vs. reasonable price

This is one of the first things everyone looks at, and there’s no difference between booking hotels and travel insurance here! You don’t select the first hotel you see – you do your research, comparing price with quality, getting third-party reviews and asking questions. The same goes for travel insurance, and when you buy through a bank you trust (like travel insurance provided by BOQ), you can discuss the specifics with your local branch staff.

Family suite vs. family policy

If you’re travelling with the whole family, you’d be looking for a child-friendly hotel. Specifically, you’d be after a room with multiple beds so everyone has a place to sleep and no one hogs the covers. A family insurance policy makes sure everyone on holiday is covered. Conversely, if you’re travelling for one, you’d select a single policy so you don’t overpay.

General extras vs. additional expenses

Hotels that let you add perks like buffet breakfasts, free Wi-Fi and shuttles to popular destinations are always a bonus. These details mean you n get exactly what you want in your holiday. When you’re picking travel insurance, you want to make sure you have additional expenses covered so you can tailor a policy to your ideal holiday specifications.

Liability for belongings vs. loss of or damage to personal baggage and effects

Hotels have a certain responsibility to ensure you and your belongings are safe from harm. That’s why you want to find a hotel in a good area as well as one that will help you recover if your room is broken into and your belongings are stolen. Similarly, if your travel insurance doesn’t include a policy covering loss of or damage to your personal belongings, you will want to move on to a new policy.

Cancellation policy vs. unlimited cancelled travel expenses

Sometimes things come up that force you to cancel your trip. That’s why you look for a hotel with a good cancellation policy so you don’t have to pay for a room you aren’t going to be using. A good travel insurance policy will include unlimited cancelled travel and accommodation expenses because they know life happens!

To learn more about travel insurance through BOQ, head to our website where you can complete your policy completely online.


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