Getting started

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How to get started/login

Log in to your BOQ Internet Banking Portal using your account details.

Navigate to ‘International Transfer’ in the top menu bar.

You’re in! From here you can:

- View your transactions.

- Create an international payment.

- Manage your beneficiaries.

- Save your favourite currency pairs.

Creating a spot payment

Select ‘New Transfer’ to create a payment.

In the ‘Value Date’ field, select the date of transfer.

Select the currency you’d like to make a payment to and from. 

Enter the foreign currency amount you want to buy or sell.

Select the funding account to be debited.

Select ‘Confirm’ to confirm the amount. 

Under ‘Beneficiaries’, select the beneficiary you want to pay.

Select ‘Add Balance’.

Provide a transaction reason from the drop down list.

Select ‘Submit’ to confirm the payment.

Select ‘New Transfer’ to create another payment or exit the screen by selecting ‘Close’.

Add a beneficiary

Select the ‘Beneficiaries’ tab.

Select ‘New Beneficiary’.

Select the country and currency from the drop down tab.

Complete all mandatory fields under the ‘Beneficiary Details’.

Select ‘Save Beneficiary’ to complete the process.

Select ‘Confirm’.

Book a forward contract

On the ‘Forward FX’ tab, select ‘New Forward’.

Add currency to Buy and Sell.

Add ‘Currency Amount’.

Select ‘Value Date’ from dropdown.

Select the funding account.

Select ‘Confirm’.

How to book a limit order

Select ‘Limit Orders’ tab.

Select ‘New Order’.

Select the ‘Currency Pairing’ required.

Enter your requested rate in the ‘My Order Rate’ field.

Select the funding account to be debited.

Select ‘Confirm’.

Frequently Asked Questions