Security for International Trade Enabler

Your online security is important to us. We have put together a robust solution to protect your information when using International Trade Enabler.

Our Online Security Measures

Some of the security measures we have implemented include:

  • All transactions on International Trade Enabler are encrypted using 128 bit SSL encryption. This protects your User Name, Password and all sensitive information from being accessed by an unauthorised person. We are constantly changing large session keys.
  • Authentication and sessions are managed from the Bank's provider of International Trade Enabler.
  • Passwords are required to be complex to minimise the chance of their being compromised. If multiple 'guessing' attempts are detected, access to International Trade Enabler will automatically lock for a period of time to prevent unauthorised access.
  • The computer network is protected by multiple firewalls of different types and all systems are regularly maintained, audited and scrutinised to actively prevent any unauthorised access from the Internet.  Host and network based intrusion detection systems are employed.
  • All International Trade Enabler sessions have an automatic time out feature to protect your privacy.

Follow the steps below to protect your online security when using International Trade Enabler.

Steps to protect your online security

  • How to be sure you are dealing with us

    Please follow this advice to be sure you are always dealing with us:

    • always access International Trade Enabler by typing into your web browser, and follow the directions to International Trade Enabler, never by following a link
    • always ignore any email or other communication to the contrary
    • we will never contact you with an invitation to visit our web site or ask you to disclose your User Name and Password.

    There have been cases at other financial institutions where hackers have sent communications to customers that appear real, even carrying the logo of the financial institution but are actually forged. By doing this the hackers trick customers into disclosing their username and password.

    To be certain you are dealing with the BOQ International Trade Enabler - click on the padlock displayed at the bottom of your browser window and a certificate (refer to the example below) will be displayed. 

    In providing International Trade Enabler – BOQ use internet facilities provided by Trade Solutions Group, Inc. through their website Bizcurrency.

    When viewing our online International Trade Enabler certificate always ensure that:

    The above image shows that you are dealing with the Bizcurrency and therefore Bank of Queensland International Trade Enabler and that your User Name and Password will be secure as they cross the Internet.  If the certificate details differ from this, do not login as you may not be connecting directly to the BOQ’s website.  If you encounter this problem, please contact us immediately.


  • Protecting your username and password

    Your username and password are just like the Customer Access Number and your Personal Access Code you use with your Internet Banking access. It should always remain confidential. Never reveal these codes to anyone. Also, you should never write the username and password down anywhere. 

    • Pick a short phrase or line from a song you can remember easily (i.e. three blind mice).
    • Take the first letter of each word – 'three blind mice' or 'tbm'
    • Now choose a number you can easily remember.  Make sure it isn’t your age, birthday, street or telephone number or any other number that could easily be guessed by someone else.  For example, the date your first car was manufactured, let’s say 1976.
    • Combine the letters and numbers – 'tbm1976'
    • Now the password is 'tbm1976', which is unlikely to ever be guessed by anyone.

    Avoid choosing passwords that contain words that can be found in a dictionary of any kind – this will make it harder for anyone to guess your password. 

    Do not choose a password that is based on your date of birth or an alphabetical code that is a recognisable part of your name. 

    Change your password regularly – once a quarter is ideal.  After you’ve changed your password try to use it again on the same day. This will help you remember the new password. 

    When you select a new password, don’t choose one that is similar to your old Password.  For example, if you chose 'tbm1976' for your first password, it would not be a good idea to simply add ‘one’ to the number – eg 'tbm1977'.  It is best to start over and choose new letters and numbers.

How to protect your online security

Online fraudsters attempt to take advantage of customers with poor security on their computers.  For example, malicious software downloaded from the Internet or received via attachments to emails can contain malware that could compromise the security of your computer.  Even browsing certain websites could lead to a compromise of your computer's security.  Hoax emails have also circulated the Internet during recent times, enticing customers to disclose personal details at fake websites.
If your own computer is not protected, it is possible that a hacker could gain control of it and watch everything you type or save on your hard disk, without it being encrypted.  It is critical that you take steps to protect yourself and your computer.

Below are steps you can take to increase your online security:

  • possible malware infection signs
  • anti-virus software
  • personal firewall
  • anti-spyware software
  • latest browser and operating system
  • installing software / email attachments
  • beware of online employment scams
  • be cautious when using public or shared computers

For detailed descriptions on these steps, visit our Online Banking Security page.


You are responsible for abiding by the International Trade Enabler Customer Access Agreement between your company and Bank of Queensland Limited. Read our terms of use (under Business Banking Terms and Conditions) for International Trade Enabler.

Additional copies may be obtained by calling our International Trade Operations on 1800 34 3939.

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