At a glance

100 %
Finance is available
1-5  Years
Finance lease term
$ 20,000 
Minimum loan amount

Why choose our Finance Lease?

Under a finance lease, BOQ Equipment Finance Limited will purchase your business equipment and lease it to you for a fixed term. Once the term ends, you can choose to purchase or return the equipment.

Benefits and features

Maintain your working capital with a finance lease, where you can make regular repayments over a fixed term to lease your business equipment.

Equipment leases can cover machinery, computers, cars and any other equipment that you may need to run your business.

  • Immediate access to your business equipment once purchased
  • No additional security is required - apart from the asset itself
  • Rental payments can be tailored over the term of the agreement
  • Fixed repayments over a set term - for easier cash management and budgeting
  • Repayments may be tax deductible - seek independent taxation advice on your circumstances


Is a Finance Lease right for you?

There may be more advantages to owning the asset and claiming depreciation where the goods attract a high depreciation rate. If you wish to own the asset at the end of your term, our hire purchase loan may be more appropriate. It may be worthwhile seeking independent taxation advice to see what the best option is for your business.

Important information

For important information on Equipment and Vehicle Financing, view our Terms and Conditions below.


Ready to apply?

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Acquire your business equipment over time

Commercial Hire Purchase

Obtain the business equipment and vehicles you need through a hire purchase loan, where you pay hire charges over a fixed period.

  • 100% finance is available
  • Hire purchase term of 1-5 years
  • Own the asset after the loan has been paid off

An equipment finance option where you own the asset

Specific Security Agreement (Chattel Mortgage)

Own your own equipment upon purchase through repayments that are mortgaged to BOQ Equipment Finance Limited

  • 100% asset financing available
  • Own the asset instead of hiring, renting or leasing
  • Minimum loan amount of $20,000 over 1-5 years