Online Banking Key Business Features

Payments File Upload Facility & Direct Debits

Process Direct Debits through Internet Banking using saved templates or upload payments files generated by your accounting software to make or receive payments to/from accounts anywhere in Australia. Find out more.

Multi User Delegation & Transaction Authorisation

Delegate access to your Internet Banking profile to someone else and enforce multiple authorisations for transactions. Find out more.

Authorise Transactions via Mobile Banking

Using BOQ Mobile Banking, you can authorise transactions directly from you mobile phone.

Related Account Access

Authorise someone who is a signatory on a business account (and who has individual operating authority), to access the business account using their personal Internet banking profile. 

Multi Payments

Make up to 100 payments in a single request to other BOQ accounts or accounts held at another Australia financial institution. Find out more.

RTGS Payments

Make domestic Real Time Gross Settlement payments for faster payment processing. Find out more.

International Payments & FX Calculator

Make payments to accounts held overseas or view the current exchange rates using the FX calculator. Find out more.

Accounting Package Integration

Use Bank Feeds to automatically import your transaction data into your accounting software. Find out more.

Extra Security with the BOQ Security Token

Two factor authentication for external payments. Find our more.

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You can register for Internet Banking at any BOQ branch. Find your nearest branch and come and see us today.

Important Information

Before you use Internet Banking, you must view and accept the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions. You will be shown the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions the first time you Log On. You can also view them on the Terms and Conditions page at any time.

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