• What is a Pay Anyone payment?

    Pay Anyone payments is a facility within Internet Banking which allows payments to be made to accounts at BOQ or to accounts at most other Banks, Building Societies or Credit Unions throughout Australia.

  • What is a Multi Payment?

    The Multi Payment facility within Internet Banking enables you to make payments to the accounts of multiple payees in a single transaction. Up to 100 payments can be made in the one Multi Payment transaction. These accounts may be another BOQ account or an account held at another Australian financial institution.

    If you make payments to the same group of payees regularly then Multi Payment templates enable you to save this group and reuse this set of payee details again in the future.

  • I entered the wrong account number in a Pay Anyone or Multi Payment - can I cancel it?

    There is no facility for the Bank to reverse an immediate Pay Anyone payment or an immediate Multi Payment after a receipt has been issued to the customer making the request.

    For future-dated Pay Anyones and Multi Payments, and periodic Pay Anyones, you can amend the details of the payment on any date before the day the payment is due to be processed.

    The following scenarios explain the process should you nominate an invalid account number or unintended account:

    Invalid Account Number

    If you nominated an account number which does not identify a valid account at the destination Financial Institution, the destination Financial Institution will return the funds to the originating BOQ account / credit card (because the account number nominated will not match any account number at that Financial Institution). The funds will be returned to your account within the same timeframe as for a valid transaction (i.e. Transaction +1 day, subject to the business day cut off times).

    For example, if you requested a transaction on Tuesday after 5pm, the return would be credited to your account / credit card by Thursday or Friday (this is because the transaction was carried out after the 5pm cut off). If the request is made before 5pm the return would be credited to your account / credit card by Wednesday or Thursday.

    Valid Account Number but not the Intended Account

    If you nominated an account number that is valid but the payment is not intended for that account (or you have changed your mind for some reason), you will need to contact the Customer Contact Centre on 1300 55 72 72 or a branch to request the recovery of these funds. There is no guarantee that the funds will be able to be recovered from the recipient. For this reason, you must ensure that the payment details that you enter are correct.

    You will need to provide us with the details of the original Pay Anyone payment (i.e. BSB, Account Number, Account Name, and Description) as well as the date and time of the request. There is a fee associated with this request. The timeframe for recovery of these funds depends on the destination Financial Institution.

  • When I log out of Internet Banking, why does the session summary say I have deleted a payment when all I did was modify it?

    When you modify a future dated Pay Anyone, Multi Payment or BPAY®, Internet Banking internally deletes the payment and creates a new payment with the same details including the modification. Hence the reason why your change is displayed as a deletion and creation.

  • Is there a Pay Anyone and Multi Payment limit?

    Yes. When you register for Internet Banking you will be offered a number of Daily Limits Packages to choose from. These will define the daily transaction amount limit for Pay Anyone (including Multi Payments) and BPAY transactions via Internet Banking.

    The Daily Limits Package can be set by the branch as part of the initial registration, and be effective immediately. You can also choose or change your limits package online. Any increase that is requested online will automatically be applied after 2 calendar days. Limit reductions take effect immediately.

    The BOQ Security Token will be required as an additional means of authentication if you have selected a Daily limits package with a Pay Anyone limit of $10,000 or greater.

    The table below shows the limit packages available:

    Pay Anyone daily limit BPAY daily limit
    $0 $0
    $2,500 $10,000
    $5,000 $20,000
    $10,000 $50,000
    $15,000 $100,000
    $25,000 $200,000
    If you are in need of a higher limit please contact your local branch or relationship manager

    These Pay Anyone and BPAY daily limits are pre-set pairs as outlined above. Pay Anyone and BPAY limits can not be selected separately. For example, $2,500 Pay Anyone and $50,000 BPAY limit is not a valid limit combination.

  • How can I change my limit?

    The Daily Limits Package can be set by a branch as part of your initial registration, and be effective immediately. You can also choose your limits package online using Internet Banking.

    A decrease to your limits package requested online will be effective immediately. An increase requested online will be applied automatically after 2 calendar days. This two day delay is for security reasons. In this two day period we will contact you via the registered email account for your profile to advise that a limit change has been requested.

    Users should note that increases to their daily limits package may result in the need for additional authentication using the BOQ Security Token.

    If your new Daily Limits Package requires additional authentication, you must obtain a BOQ Security Token assigned to you if you do not already have one.

  • When does my limit reset?

    The daily limits are reset at midnight AEST each day.

  • Are there separate daily limits for Multi Payments and Pay Anyone payments?

    No. The Pay Anyone limit defined in your Daily Limits package applies to Multi Payment and Pay Anyone payments combined.

    The daily total of all Pay Anyone payments and Multi Pay Anyone payments is subject to the Pay Anyone limit.

  • Can Multi Payments and Pay Anyone payments be made to a credit card?

    No. Accounts into which funds are to be paid must be identified by a BSB and Account Number. 

  • Can Multi Payments and Pay Anyone payments be used to pay other BOQ accounts?

    Yes. You need to know the BSB and account number of the BOQ account.

  • When does the money for a payment come out of my account?

    BOQ will withdraw funds from your account on the date the payment is requested. If the payment is scheduled for immediate payment, funds will be withdrawn immediately. If you have scheduled the payment to occur on a date in the future, funds will not be withdrawn until that date. If there are available funds in your account on the date specified for the payment, the payment will be processed between 6:00am and 5:00pm Brisbane time. If you have a recurring payment the processing time may vary and you should not expect your payment to be processed at the same time for each recurrence. Whilst every attempt is made to process the payments as soon as possible the deadline is 5:00pm (Brisbane time) and it is purely coincidence if the payment has been processed by a particular time on previous occasions.

    Please Note: If you schedule a payment for a future date and there are insufficient funds in your account on the date the payment is being processed we will retry the processing of your transaction periodically throughout the day until 4:30pm Brisbane time. If there are still insufficient funds in your account at 4:30pm (Brisbane time) you will be notified via Secure Mail that your scheduled payment has failed due to insufficient funds. This allows you 30 minutes to process an immediate payment in place of the failed scheduled payment. If your payment is a recurring scheduled payment the failure due to insufficient funds will not affect your next scheduled payment.

  • What are the cut off times for Pay Anyone payments, Multi Payments?

    For a Pay Anyone payment or Multi Payment request the cut off time is 5.00 p.m. (AEST) on a business day.

    Account Type When was the request made Payment be credited Immediately Payment be credited By next business day Payment be credited By 2nd business day after transaction
    From a BOQ account to another BOQ account Any time on a business day* or non-business day tick    
    From a myBOQ account to another  myBOQ account  Any time on a business day* or non-business day

    From a BOQ account to a myBOQ account (or vice versa) Before 5.00 p.m. (AEST) on a business* day   tick  
    From a BOQ account to a myBOQ account (or vice versa) On a non-business* day or after 5.00 p.m. (AEST) on a business* day     tick
    From a BOQ or myBOQ account to an account held at another Australian financial institution Before 5.00 p.m. (AEST) on a business* day   tick  
    From a BOQ or myBOQ account to an account held at another Australian financial institution On a non-business* day or after 5.00 p.m. (AEST) on a business* day     tick
  • Can I make a payment with a zero amount?

    No. BOQ Internet Banking does not support zero dollar payments.

  • What does a Multi Payment status of Unknown mean?

    A Multi Payment will display with a status of Unknown if an error message was displayed to you when you were processing the multi payment. In this scenario please check whether the debit has been posted to your account. Further confirmation, check whether the recipients have received the payment. If the payment has not debited your account please re-process the multi payment.

  • How do I create direct debits without a software package to create a Payment File?

    You can use the Direct Debit functionality on the Multi Payments menu within Internet Banking. Once registered as a Debit Payment user you will be able to create, save and edit a group of Direct Debits for transmission to the Bank.

  • When are monthly scheduled payments processed if they are due to be processed on the 29th, 30th or 31st of a month and that date does not exist in the current month?

    Any payment which is scheduled to be processed monthly on the 29th, 30th or 31st will be processed on the last day of the month if the scheduled date does not exist for the current month. For example if a monthly payment is set up to be processed on the 29th of every month, it will be paid on the 28th of February (except in a leap year) as this is the last day of the month. If a payment is scheduled to be paid on the 31st of the month it will be processed on the 30th day of all months which do not have 31 days. This will only occur for monthly scheduled payments.

  • Does BOQ offer PayID?

    BOQ supports PayID on all accounts managed via the myBOQ app. 

  • Can I use the POLi Payment online payment option when purchasing goods or services online?

    We take your Internet Banking security very seriously and, for this reason, we do not support the use of 3rd party applications such as POLi. While it may seem that you are in complete control of the Internet Banking session whilst using POLi, we cannot guarantee the security of your log on credentials unless you access Internet Banking via the BOQ website.