• Which accounting packages can I use with BOQ Internet Banking?

    The table below shows which of the most popular accounting packages currently work with BOQ Internet Banking.

    Accounting Package Partner Organisation
    (Bank Feeds)
    Automatic Transaction Import* Manual Transaction Import Create .aba File
    Rockend Rest 
    Intuit Quickbooks 
    Quicken / Reckon 
    SISS Data Services 
    MYOB AccountRight Live / LiveAccounts MYOB
    MYOB Essentials
    MYOB Essentials Cashbook
    MYOB BankLink
    BGL (SMSF Software) n/a  n/a  n/a 
  • Can I set up my cloud based accounting package to automatically import my transaction history?

    BOQ has partnered with a number of accounting software providers to facilitate the transfer of data from your bank account to your accounting software package. Please see the "Which accounting packages can I use with BOQ Internet Banking?" section above to determine if BOQ has partnered with your accounting software provider.

    BOQ does not officially support the use of the “bank feed” function offered by many online accounting packages as they require you to provide your CAN and PAC which are then used by the accounting package to access your Internet Banking. Despite not officially supporting this scenario, we are aware that the functionality does work with BOQ accounts.
    If you choose to use the “bank feed” functionality within your accounting package, we strongly recommend that you set up a delegated user with “View Only” access and use the logon credentials of the delegated user to create the “bank feed”.
    Instructions on how to set up a view only delegated user can be found here.