Know what your repayments are for peace of mind

Fixed Rate Home Loan

A fixed rate home loan gives you certainty for up to 5 years without worrying about potential interest rate rises.

  • Owner occupier and investor options available
  • Great interest rates across our range of terms
  • Principal and interest, or interest only repayments

Our most popular low rate loan, packed with features

Clear Path Variable Home Loan

If you're looking for a fully featured, cheap home loan with a low rate, our Clear Path Variable Rate Home Loan is for you!

  • Owner Occupier and Investor options available
  • Mortgage offset
  • Unlimited free redraw and flexible repayments

Save with our simple owner occupier home loan

Economy Variable Home Loan

A simple home loan doesn’t mean you have to compromise on its features.

  • Owner Occupier and Investor options available
  • Unlimited free redraw
  • Unlimited additional repayments

Steps to buy an investment property

Here are some key points to consider when purchasing an investment property:

  • Set yourself a strict purchasing budget 
  • Understand the amount you're able to borrow
  • Know what your deposit amount needs to be

Understanding what your costs are

When purchasing an investment property it's important to consider all your expenses, including not only the more obvious upfront costs, but also the ongoing costs of property ownership too. 

Upfront costs:

  • Stamp duty - we've got a handy stamp duty calculator here
  • Lenders mortgage insurance - only required if you have less than 20% of the home deposit
  • Legal fees - for completing conveyancing and title searches on your new home
  • Building and pest inspections

Working out your buying budget

What you can borrow and afford

Now you know what your upfront and ongoing costs will be during and after purchasing your investment property, it's important to drill down on your budget. Every investment journey should begin with a clear budget in mind. 

Choosing your investment property home loan

Some considerations to keep in mind when selecting your first home loan: 

  • Principal and interest loans
  • Interest only loans - many investors choose this option, however the principle will need to be paid down over the life of the loan

Final steps for buying your first home

Once you have reached an agreement with the seller, the settlement process on your investment property can begin. On settlement day, your legal and financial representatives will ordinarily meet with the seller's representatives to transfer the ownership of the property from the seller to you (the buyer). The settlement date is set in the contract of sale, and is typically between 30-90 days.

Helpful tools for buying an investment property

As an investor, typically your financial situation will be a little more complex. It’s probably best you work with your bank and financial advisor to fully understand your borrowing power and the right investment property loans for you.

Get buying faster with our budget calculator 

These tools make it easy to calculate how much you can save based on your income and expenses. These calculators can also help you determine what you're spending and where and how you can monitor your monthly expenses to make your investment property purchase easier. 

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