Simple, intuitive everyday banking

myBOQ takes the hassle out of your everyday banking and gives you complete control over how you use your money. We’ve made it easy for you to keep on top of your bills, stick to a budget and save more. Because when you get the most out of your banking, you get the most out of your money.

myBOQ makes managing your money easier than ever

Speedy and secure access

Instantly login to the myBOQ app with a smile or swipe using face or fingerprint recognition.

Track your bills

Never miss a payment. We’ll give you a heads up when your bills are due, so you can make sure you’ve got the funds available.

Better at budgeting

Manage your money easily. Set spending budgets on specific categories like groceries, bills and more. And get personalised insights and real-time alerts.

Fast, easy payments

Pay or get paid instantly with PayID and Osko. Go hassle-free and schedule regular payments with BPAY.

Round Ups~

Grow your savings whenever you spend. Round up debit card transactions to the nearest dollar and we’ll put the extra change straight into one of your savings accounts.

Live in-app chat

We’re never far away with our dedicated in-app customer service chat. 

Things you should know

  • myBOQ is a new mobile app that features exclusive 'app-only' accounts and transaction types that cannot be accessed via Internet Banking.
  • If you're a BOQ account holder with existing accounts that you access via Internet Banking, please note these accounts aren't accessible from the myBOQ app.

Download the myBOQ app!

Getting started is easy. Open and use your account in minutes.

Check your eligibility

You will need:

  • To be aged over 14
  • To be the account holder (applications cannot be completed and submitted by an Executor/Administrator/Power of Attorney/ Legal representative).
  • An Australian residential address
  • An Australian drivers licence or Australian passport
  • An Australian mobile number
  • A smartphone that supports iOS 12.0+ or Android 8.0+.

Apply via the myBOQ Mobile App

On a desktop? Scan the QR code to get started

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Everyday banking with no monthly fees

Everyday Account

Our simple, intuitive everyday transaction account, made even better for you with user-friendly features that help you make the most of your money.

  • Access your money whenever you need, exclusively on the all-new myBOQ mobile app. Please note: As an app-exclusive account, it cannot be accessed via Internet Banking.
  • Managing your money has never been easier, with in-app spend tracking to help you budget better and bill tracker to give you a heads up when bills are due.
  • Fast, easy payments. Pay or be paid instantly with PayID.
  • Open an Everyday Account directly within the myBOQ app and start banking with BOQ today!


Future Saver Account

Our high-interest saver accounts for 14 to 35 year olds, with easy-to-earn bonus interest and no monthly account keeping fees.

  • Access your money whenever you need, exclusively on the all-new myBOQ mobile app. Please note: As an app-exclusive account, it cannot be accessed via Internet Banking.
  • Let your high interest savings soar higher. Super charge your savings with easy to earn Bonus Interest.
  • Simply deposit $1,000 into your linked Everyday Account from an external bank account (cash and cheque deposits excluded) and make 5 or more eligible transactions (settled, not pending).
  • Stay on track and manager your savings. Set up savings goals to keep you on track with your targets.
  • Switch on Round Ups to add to your savings without even thinking about it! We'll round each of your transactions to the nearest dollar and put the extra right into your savings.

myBOQ app FAQs

  • Why have you launched myBOQ?

    myBOQ puts you in control of your finances, quickly and easily. It helps you to get the most out of your banking through a seamless and engaging digital banking platform packed with amazing features. myBOQ will continue to develop, growing the digital experience for all BOQ customers. 

  • How is myBOQ different to BOQ Mobile?

    myBOQ is BOQ’s brand-new digital banking platform, launching a range of exciting features and products. Customers who open an Everyday Account, Future Saver, Smart Saver or Simple Saver can manage these within the myBOQ app.

    Customers holding existing BOQ accounts will continue to manage these via BOQ Mobile or internet banking.

    BOQ is committed to providing customers with the best technology, features and services through the myBOQ app. This platform will continue to evolve to meet customer needs and improve their banking experience. 

  • I am already a BOQ customer, can I access myBOQ?

    Of course. But you’ll need to open a new Everyday Account or saver account to access the myBOQ app, as your existing accounts won’t be available.

    Learn more about our Everyday Account here.

    Learn more about our Saver Accounts here

    Existing accounts will still be available via Internet Banking or on the BOQ Mobile app. 

  • Is myBOQ Secure?

    To keep your money secure within the app, myBOQ is secured with a 6-digit access code and facial recognition or fingerprint biometric login on compatible devices. A one-time pin is also texted to you to prevent any unauthorised changes to your account.  


  • Can I still visit a branch?

    Yes, customers with any myBOQ accounts can visit any BOQ branch for assistance. We also have a dedicated contact centre, and in-app chat should you have any questions or need assistance.  

    To chat to us in the myBOQ app, tap the Profile icon, then Help & Support > App Support > Chat to us now to instantly get connected to a myBOQ agent.

  • How do I open an account?

    You can open an account in just a few minutes right from the myBOQ app or via the “apply now” link on the product site you’re interested in applying for. If you’re an Australian citizen or resident 14 years or older, all you’ll need is an Australian’s driver’s licence or Australian Passport.

  • What accounts are available on myBOQ?

    myBOQ offers a suite of everyday banking products. 

    Everyday Account Our simple, intuitive everyday transaction account, made even better for you with user-friendly features that help you make the most of your money.

    Learn more


    Future Saver and Smart Saver – Our high-interest savings account with easy-to-earn bonus interest, goal tracking and no monthly account fees. Customers between the age of 14-35 will receive a Future Saver account, whilst customers 36 years and older will receive the Smart Saver Account.

    Learn more


    Simple Saver No hoops and no fuss when you just want to save. Simply sit back and watch your savings grow.

    Learn more

  • Can I open a business account?

    myBOQ only offers personal everyday banking accounts.

  • What are the system requirements?

    The myBOQ app is compatible with smartphone devices running iOS 12.0+ and Android™ 8.0+. myBOQ app is free to download however your mobile network provider may charge you for accessing data on your phone.

  • More myBOQ FAQs

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