What will I need to apply?

We've created these checklists as a guide for customers applying for a new business account. Please select the checklist that matches your business structure and bring all the documents along to your appointment.

Sole Trader / Sole Proprietor
A sole proprietor or sole trader is an individual who trades under their own name and must have an ABN and a TFN. 
Download the Sole Trader / Sole Proprietor Checklist


Domestic Private Company
A proprietary or private company is a company whose shares are not traded on a stock exchange and cannot be offered to the public and the name will end with 'Pty Ltd', 'Proprietary Limited' or 'Pty Limited'.
Download the Domestic Private Company Checklist


Domestic Public Company
A public company is a company who raises funds by offering shares in itself to the public. The shares in a public company are traded either via a stock exchange or "off market". The name of a public company will usually end with 'Limited', or 'Ltd'.
Download the Public Company Checklist


Domestic SMSF
A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a special type of trust, set up and maintained for the sole purpose of providing retirement benefits for its members (beneficiaries). 
Download the Domestic SMSF Checklist


Domestic Regulated Trust
A trust is regulated if it is:

  • a managed investment scheme registered with ASIC; or
  • a managed investment scheme that is not registered with ASIC which has only wholesale clients and does not make small scale offerings to which section 1012E of the Corporations Act 2001 applies; or
  • a trust that is registered and subject to the regulatory oversight of a Commonwealth statutory regulator in relation to its activities as a trust; or
  •  a government superannuation fund established under legislation.

Download the Domestic Regulated Trust Checklist


Domestic Unregulated Trust
Unregulated Trusts are trusts that are not regulated by a Government or regulatory body. Unit trusts, family trusts, charitable trusts and other discretionary trusts are all examples. 
Download the Domestic Unregulated Trust Checklist


Domestic Association
An association generally operates on a not for profit basis e.g. a sports or special interest group where any income or profit is retained by the association and not distributed to members.
Download the Domestic Association Checklist


Domestic Registered Co-operative
A co-operative is a democratic organisation, owned and controlled by its members for a common benefit. Co-operatives are traditionally based on values of self-help, self-responsibility, equality and solidarity.
Download the Registered Co-operative Checklist


Domestic Strata Corporation
A strata corporation is a separate legal entity established by statute and registered with the relevant State Government Titles Office. It is created where there is a development which allows owners to privately own an area of land or part of a building as well as share common property and facilities with other owners and occupiers. The role of the strata corporation is to manage this common property for the benefit of all of the owners and undertake certain actions required of it by legislation.
Download the Domestic Strata Corporation Checklist


All individuals related to your entity will need to be identified and verified. An individual means a natural person or personal customer.
Download the Individual Checklist


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