At a glance

1.60 %P.A. ^^
For balances up to $500,000 when Bonus Criteria is met*
Bonus Interest variable rate when you meet the Bonus Criteria*
Transfers to your linked Everyday Business Account while still earning Bonus Interest*
$ 0
Minimum account balance

Your Bonus Interest   

Here's how you can earn your Bonus Interest with our best high interest savings account: 


  • Deposit a minimum of $5000 into your linked Everyday Business Account each month from an external source- like you sales; 
  • Make 5 or more eligible transactions from your linked Everyday Business Account each month such as settled Visa Debit Card or eftpos card purchases, ATM withdrawals or direct debits (Temporarily paused till 31 August 2020)
  • Earn Bonus Interest 1.60% p.a. in the following month on your Business Performance Saver Account balances 
  • For balances over $500,000 the Base Rate of 0.25% p.a. applies
  • Your account will earn the Base Rate in the month that you open it and any month you don't meet the Bonus Criteria

Why choose our Business Performance Saver?

Earn an ongoing, competitive variable interest rate on your business savings that rewards you for using your linked Everyday Business Account.

Ongoing Bonus Interest

Earn Bonus Interest variable rate by making $5,000 or more deposits + 5 eligible transactions to your linked Everyday Business Account*

No minimum account balance

Start earning Bonus Interest on balances up to $500,000

Unlimited transfers

Make unlimited online transfers to your linked Everyday Business Account while still earning Bonus Interest*

Interest rates

Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly. 

Business Performance Saver Interest Rates


Bonus Interest variable rate % p.a.*

Applies where $5,000 is deposited + 5 eligible transactions to your linked Everyday Business Account, in the prior month

Base variable rate % p.a.

$0 to $500,000

  • Interest rates are variable rates and are subject to change at any time without notice. 

Ready to apply?

Apply for your Business Performance Saver and linked Everyday Business Account in branch or enquire online.

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Linked to your Everyday Business Account

Benefit from the Everyday Business Account which will be opened and linked to your Business Performance Saver when you apply.


Our low fee business bank account

Everyday Business Account

Manage your transactions with ease - all for a low monthly fee.

  • Free branch, ATM and cheque deposits
  • Free Direct Debits and Direct Credits
  • Easy account access through ATM/EFTPOS, Internet and Mobile Banking


At BOQ, we keep our fees to a minimum. Any fees we do have we’ll show you up front so there are no surprises.

Business Performance Saver Account Fees and Charges


Applicable Fees

Account maintenance fee


Minimum monthly balance


Account maintenance and transaction fees may apply for the Everyday Business Account.

A full list of fees and charges is available in our Fees and Charges Guide

Important information

For important information on the Business Performance Savings Account, view the Terms and Conditions.

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