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All BOQ equipment finance options
Funds once repayments have been made
$ 20,000 
Minimum loan amount

Why choose our Revolving Limit for Equipment Finance?

Does your business have an ongoing need for equipment? When you take out a revolving limit, you will have an approved credit limit for equipment finance over a set term. 

About the Revolving Limit for Equipment Finance

A revolving limit means you can finance and acquire equipment over an agreed timeframe, without the need to reapply each time you purchase a new asset. You can also redraw funds which become available once repayments are made.

Bulk limits are also available at a shorter time limit that expires after an agreed time period (e.g. six months). Once drawn, the bulk limit cannot be reused.

Which products can I utilise with a revolving/bulk limit?

All equipment finance products offered by BOQ can be utilised under a revolving limit. These include:

Features and benefits

  • Minimum limit of $20,000
  • Your approved limit is reviewed on a regular basis, usually annually
  • Provides certainty about your capacity to commit to asset purchases, as opportunities arise
  • Can be combined with a Master Agreement, that further reduces the paperwork burden when drawing down a new asset
  • No line fees for the limit

Important information

For important information on Equipment and Vehicle Financing, view our Terms and Conditions.

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We can also help with:

Acquire your business equipment over time

Commercial Hire Purchase

Obtain the business equipment and vehicles you need through a hire purchase loan, where you pay hire charges over a fixed period.

  • 100% finance is available
  • Hire purchase term of 1-5 years
  • Own the asset after the loan has been paid off

An equipment finance option where you own the asset

Specific Security Agreement (Chattel Mortgage)

Own your own equipment upon purchase through repayments that are mortgaged to BOQ Equipment Finance Limited

  • 100% asset financing available
  • Own the asset instead of hiring, renting or leasing
  • Minimum loan amount of $20,000 over 1-5 years