How We're Supporting our Customers

We are committed to providing you with the support that you need, during these uncertain times.

Home Loans

We’ll be in touch

We’re currently sending text messages to some of our customers who have accessed BOQ’s COVID-19 Banking Relief Package, to check how this is going and what they’d like to do next. These messages include text only (no links) and ask customers to Reply 1 or 2, depending on their situation.

We’re aware there are also a number of phishing text messages circulating, that ask the recipient to click on a link to access or provide more information. Remember, BOQ will never send you a link to a sign-in page, to confirm your personal details or to access Internet Banking directly. If you receive anything you might be suspicious of, avoid clicking any links and report directly to and Scamwatch at

  • You may be able to take advantage of other lending options available including Interest Only repayments, offset and redraw facilities
  • If you are in advance on your loan repayments, you may also be able to temporarily pause or reduce your repayments. 


  • ^Important Information

    If you have applied for BOQ’s Personal or Business Banking Relief Package, provided your lending facilities are up to date we will provide relief in accordance with our package. Written confirmation of the changes to your facility will be sent to you within 30 days. If your circumstances differ, we will be in contact to discuss your specific circumstances with you. Please note we are receiving a high volume of enquiries as we work to support all of our customers and appreciate your patience during this time.

Credit Cards

During the deferral period:

  • You can choose to make payments at any time, but no payments are required. Any payments made will not impact your deferral program;
  • No late fees will be charged and your account will not be overdue;
  • You will continue to accrue interest on your daily unpaid credit card balance;
  • Missed payments will not be reported to the credit bureau during the period of your payment deferral;
  • You can continue to spend your credit card, as long as your account is up-to-date at the time you apply and you have available credit limit.^^

Call 1800 261 300 to discuss your payment referral options.

  • ^^Important Information

    Keep in mind that there's often a balance between short-term advantages and longer-term impacts. While some of these options could be helpful in allowing you to reduce your payments now, it may take longer to pay off your debt and you may pay more interest in the long run.

    ^^During the processing of your assistance, your credit card will be suspended for up to 48 hours while your payment deferral is put in place. Recurring payments from your credit card may be rejected during this time.

Travel Insurance

  • Policy cancellations: If you have a travel insurance policy with BOQ’s Travel Insurance partner, Vero, you may be eligible to receive a full refund on cancellations of your policy provided you:
    • Have not commenced your trip;
    • Have not lodged a claim; and
    • Are aware you will not be able to make a claim or reinstate the Travel Insurance policy once cancelled and refunded.
  • If you meet the conditions above and would like to cancel your current Travel Insurance policy or if you have any queries regarding your cover, please contact the Vero Contact Centre on 1800 675 511.

Contact us

For more information, call 1800 079 866 or apply online now.

Apply online for assistance

For more information, please apply online now. If you would prefer to speak to one of our dedicated customer assistance specialists, you can call us on 1800 079 866 or email

Please note that we are receiving a high volume of enquiries as we work to support all of our customers and ask for your patience during this time.

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1800 079 866 (+61 7 3336 2420)

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1800 079 866 (+61 7 3336 2420)

BOQ Credit Card (Citibank)

1800 261 300

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For enquiries not related to COVID-19, please visit our Contact Us page.