What is a joint bank account? 

In short, a joint account is a bank account with two account holders. Joint accounts are often used by couples to combine some or all of their finances to help manage household expenses or to save together.

If you and your partner live together or you have a joint savings goal (such as buying a house), opening a joint bank account will make it easier to manage your shared expenses.

Benefits of opening a joint bank account

  • Keep track of your shared expenses
  • Manage and pay bills from one account
  • Shared account access with visibility on all transactions
  • Easily divide up expenses 
  • Pay fewer account fees
  • Reach your savings goals together 

What you need to know about opening a joint bank account

Before opening a joint account, decide what the account will be used for – such as emergency expenses, reaching a savings goal or for daily transactions. You may want to decide:

  • How much and how often you’ll each contribute into your joint account
  • Whether you can separately sign off on withdrawals on the account or whether you both need to sign (account authority)
  • What your financial goals are - our savings calculator can help
  • Who will be making bill payments
  • What the spending limit is on the account
  • Set up a budget using our handy budget planner

How do I open a joint account at BOQ?

  • Download the myBOQ mobile app to get started with setting up a joint account with a friend, family member or significant other
  • For our everyday bank account with no monthly fees, check out the Everyday Account.
  • Need an account with a high interest rate that can help you with your joint savings goals? Check out the Future Saver savings account.

Applying online

You can apply for a joint bank account online for any of the savings and transactions accounts listed below:

Download the myBOQ mobile app to get setup in just a few minutes.

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Here's some of our joint bank accounts at BOQ

Everyday banking with no monthly fees

Everyday Account

Our simple, intuitive everyday transaction account, made even better for you with user-friendly features that help you make the most of your money.

  • Access your money whenever you need on the all-new myBOQ mobile app
  • Managing your money has never been easier, with in-app spend tracking to help you budget better and bill tracker to give you a heads up when bills are due.
  • Fast, easy payments. Pay or be paid instantly with PayID.
  • Open an Everyday Account directly within the myBOQ app and start banking with BOQ today!


Future Saver Account

Our high-interest saver accounts for 14 to 35 year olds, with easy-to-earn bonus interest and no monthly account keeping fees.

  • Access your money whenever you need on the all-new myBOQ mobile app
  • Super charge your savings with easy to earn Bonus Interest.
  • Simply deposit $1,000 into your linked Everyday Account and make 5 or more eligible transactions.
  • Set up savings goals to keep you on track with your targets.
  • Switch on Round Ups to add to your savings without even thinking about it!

Get a great, ongoing interest rate for balances up to $1 million

Simple Saver Account

No hoops and no fuss when you just want to save. Simply sit back and watch your savings grow.

  • Access your money whenever you need on the all-new myBOQ mobile app
  • No monthly account keeping fees.
  • Open up to 9 Simple Saver accounts and keep on track with all your goals
  • Open a Simple Saver account directly within the myBOQ app and start banking with BOQ today!