On The Record - BOQ Responds To A Current Affair

Thursday, 7 February 2019

BOQ does not condone or accept any behaviour that falls below community, and our own, expectations. BOQ considers Mr Cawley’s conduct unacceptable and unequivocally apologises to any BOQ customer or staff member who was treated improperly by Mr Cawley.

In June 2016, BOQ was made aware of allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards a customer by Mr Sean Cawley, who at the time was the Owner Manager of BOQ’s Strathpine and Narangba branches. BOQ met with the customer and encouraged them to make a complaint for BOQ to conduct a formal investigation. At the time, the customer was reluctant to lodge a formal complaint. BOQ continued its dialogue with the customer, in order obtain further details.

Separately, a staff member made a whistle-blower complaint in December 2016 which triggered a formal investigation into Mr Cawley’s behaviour. On 6 February 2017, Sean Cawley was suspended with immediate effect. On the completion of the investigation on 14 March 2017, BOQ revoked Mr Cawley’s authorisation to operate as a BOQ representative.

Following the investigation, an offer was made to the customer in April 2017. Further dialogue has continued and a revised offer was tabled in October 2018.  BOQ remains open and committed to resolving the matter with the customer.

It has also been identified that in January 2016, a staff member of the Narangba branch raised a number of concerns about Mr Cawley’s behaviour.  BOQ strongly encouraged this staff member on several occasions to provide further information and lodge a formal complaint against Mr Cawley. This however, was never acted upon by the staff member. BOQ remains open to conducting another investigation into the matters raised by this staff member, or any other current or former staff member regarding Mr Cawley.

We are currently reviewing our processes to improve and expedite the investigation of allegations.

This incident does not reflect how BOQ aspires to treat its customers and staff.  Any person with a complaint about BOQ , a BOQ staff member or a BOQ Owner Manager is strongly encouraged to contact BOQ's independent Customer Advocate on customeradvocate@boq.com.au or 1300 935 131.