BOQ Announces Extended Support to Customers Affected by COVID-19 

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

BOQ today announced further support measures for customers affected by the ongoing COVID pandemic. The Group’s extended support is available to customers currently accessing COVID relief packages, as well as those who have not yet sought this assistance.

BOQ Managing Director and CEO George Frazis said; “Our main priority continues to be helping our small businesses customers and keeping families in their homes.

“Throughout the COVID crisis, the Group has been regularly checking in with customers who have accessed one of our Banking Relief Packages.  If there are any customers out there who are starting to feel the pinch, and haven’t yet had a conversation with their bank, it’s important to speak to us sooner rather than later, so we can help.

“We are focused on to offering customers the right support for their individual circumstances. In some cases that might be offering an extension to their deferral repayment period in others, it may be working with them to help them start making reduced payments where appropriate,” Mr Frazis concluded.

Business Banking Relief Package:
Eligible BOQ Business Banking customers can access an additional four months of deferred repayments as part of their Business Banking Relief Package. Interest will continue to capitalise during the deferral period.

Personal Banking Relief Package:
Eligible personal customers can access an additional four months of deferred repayments as part of their Personal Banking Relief Package or speak to BOQ to discuss making reduced payments for a period.

BOQ is creating a new dedicated COVID customer assistance team to provide specialised assistance to customers. BOQ customers wanting to apply for one of BOQ’s Banking Relief Packages should apply online at: or call 1800 079 866.