Saving Money At The Grocery Store

If you’re eating out for lunch every day or find yourself ordering pizza when you get home from work, you’re likely eating into your personal banking account at a faster rate than necessary.

Shopping for groceries and cooking your own food can definitely help you save money, but sometimes, produce, meats and other foods found at your local supermarket can be almost as expensive as eating out.

Here are some methods you can employ to save money when you head to the checkout:

1. Look high and low

There are entire teams of marketers who know how to set up grocery stores to get the most out of your wallet. They know that as you’re shopping, you likely look at the shelves that are eye level - which means they put the most expensive products there.

To help save cash, be sure you’re scanning the bottom and top shelves as well. These are the places where you’ll find more budget-friendly options and items on sale.

2. Don’t plan ahead

Yep, you read correctly. It goes against most other advice you might have read, but while it can be annoying to have to plan a meal while you’re shopping, it’s going to help you save money in the long run.

If you set off to the supermarket intent on having a taco night, you might spend extra money on the minced meat and shredded cheese when the ingredients for lamb steaks with salad may have been on sale.

3. Go big or go home

Want to save time and money? Then consider cooking in bulk. Not all grocery stores sell bulk items, but many of the larger ones do.

Buying large bags of rice, beans, coffee and other products you use frequently will save money on the long run. This is a great idea for large families, but single folks can also benefit from cooking big meals and freezing what they don’t eat.

How do you save money at the grocery store?